Another start! 

So Alhamdullilah after an year gap, another attempt of this Naqis. 

Last year I was giving talks to people who were already Muslims and knew our basic aqeeday well.. 

NThis time majority of them are converts. New experience. New struggle. It is actually reality check that me as a born muslim cannot define the minute details of the deen. Why? Because we never give or deen the inportance these new Muslims are giving. They are the ones who sacrificed their lives to convert. Some left their family. Some left their circle.

That is the reason we should not judge any person. Not even non muslim because you never know if they accept islam tomorrow then they will be the one most purest and you will be the bad one then..

May Allah make me beneficial for others. And make it beneficial for my own soul. 
I intend to continue this work inshaAllah. Session 1 started with benefits of Sohbat ( good companionship) with the story of Taif. 

May Allah put barakah in the gathering. May Allah change our hearts through this gathering. May Allah make us firm on deen. May Allah make us walk on the path of Haq and save us from all fitnah. Ameen


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