*actually i am bored hence writing*

He is going to be 8 months old soon. He already started to try to crawl. Still when I see him, I ask myself, is it real? Is this my baby? Did I deliver him? Am I a mother? Ajeeb. Right? Hmm.. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the truth that bachpan is over. I am responsible now. 

You know what.. There is no as such difference when you get married (atleast in my case) but when you get a kid. AllahoAkbar! The change is real man! 

You have to change yourself, your routine, your priorities. People treat you differently. All of a sudden you become Aunty from Baji =p ajeeb na? Hmm… Life is ajeeb. 

Sometimes when I observe him playing. SubhanAllah. How Allah teaches everything. From sucking milk to smiling, laughing, rolling, crawling, walking and what not.. SubhanAllah. Ajeeeb. Pure ajeebness around us. Yet we still do Na shukri.

I still remmember when we went to hospital for pregnancy checkup , doctor told that baby does not have a heart beat and we will wait for a week otherwise we will clear it up. We asked is there anything to be done? They said nothing. Wait and watch. 

How helpless we were. SubhanAllah. Allah is the one who gives life and death. No doubt. Hmmm..


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