Steps to crawl

okie, so I was so busy in my studies that I forgot blogging once again. Well, now Alhamdullilah I am free. 

Yesterday fawaaz took his first tiny steps of ACTUAL crawling. The reason I emphasized on ACTUAL is because you was doing fauji-style crawling since a week and I was just wondering how many clothes will he ruin by this style =p lol everyone has their worries. No? SubhanAllah. 

This month he achieved many milestones MashaAllah such as having three teeths. Moving like Fauji. He has started to sit and he also has started to sit through his knees in cot. Lol that is funny sight though. 

On fridays, when I go for study circles, he is center of attention of everyone and why he wouldn’t be , he is so naughty! He actually grabs scarf of another baby who is 2 months elder than him. He treat her as if he is old and she is young. Poor Khawlah! You know japanese children are very innocent as compared to our Asian children. 

About Study circle, hmm, Alhamdullilah it is going on. More than a month now Alhamdullilah. I am thinking to upload material here for others to benefit too inshaAllah. 

May Allah accept this gathering and the hardwork everyone is putting into it. Ameen.

Wsallam ma’al akraam


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