Just randomly reflecting on life. SubhanAllah how Allah Taala has made things to work. Every little thing is connected. Literally everrryyy little thing is connected to Allah Taala.

Very simple example, I need fruit, fruit comes from tree. Tree needs soil. Soil needs water. Water comes from sky. Likewise, every little thing of life has roots connected to Allah Taala. 

Actually this is not the right way to put it, I should say, though everything is managed by Allah Taala but since we think WE are doing things so inorder to explain it to our oh-so-materalistic minds, I put it like that. 

Fawaaz also reminds me of Allah Taala. The way he smiles, looks, shows anger and happiness, kisses (oh yes! I taught him to do pappi to Mama 😂) , the way he knows Mama is angry now. SubhanAllah. Who is teaching him? No other than Allah.

Hmm.. I love him .. But sometimes, lol =p

Right now its raining, It often rains here so not so enjoyable thing. But today, the smell of rain reminds me how I used to enjoy rain then I actually enjoyed rain. Lol. Now I realize the physcology game. 

Life is good Alhamdullilah. I am in gallery. Its raining. Fawaaz is sleeping. My hands are freezing. I can see the “dhuaa” coming out from my nose. Lol. 

I like blogging again. Okie going back in room ~_~


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