Love for the sake of Allah

Today I am sad, very sad. But we all came in this world as a stranger and will go like a stranger. 

We all have people who come and go..leaving deep impact on our lives. I also have a list of people who I still miss today. The bond which I had with them. 

But this.. This one.. This bond. Today I felt ajeeeb. Ajeeb attachment to somebody. Never thought I can be like this. So emotional. So sentimental. Never thought I can have these type of feelings for anyone.

Specially somebody I did not even know since years but just months and I got so attached. But Alhamdullilah inshaAllah I can say that this love I had was pure. There were no worldly favours attached Alhamdullilah. It was pure for Allah Taala. We used to meet for Allah Taala. We used to detach for Allah Taala. This Love is so unique Alhamdullilah. May Allah Taala give us toufeeq to love each other for His sake only. Then only one can imagine the feelings of this love. Ajeeb love.

InshaAllah I have firm belief, inshaAllah we will be together under the shade of Allah Taala on the day of Qayamah when there will be no shade because Allah Taala said so. 

May Allah Taala give Nazish baji Ajar e Azeem. May Allah Taala be raazi with her. May Allah Taala grants her His nearness and May Allah give her highest ranks in jannah. Ameen.
*This post will remind me about Nazish baji and her love for me and fawaaz inshaAllah*


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