Ramadan approaching!

Alhamdullilah Fawaaz is 13Months old now. An year passed by in just a blink! Alhamdullilah he has started to take steps. He has started to talk in his own balabalalaa language =p Alhamdullilah for everything. Allah Taala somehow makes everything pass. Time pass. Injuries heal. Mind forgets. Alhamdullilah. 

If Allah Taala would not have made this “forget” option for us, life would have been so difficult. Here in Japan, when I hear about people being workaholics, people getting in depression and not even knowing that they are in depression. I just think how unfortunate they are for not knowing Allah, for not knowing That Being who is always there for them. They just have to look for Him.

But then its Allah who gives hidayah to whoever he wants! I feel so amazed when I meet some new muslim who tries to do all the faraidhs! Alhamdullilah. How Allah Taala shows the way. How Allah Taala takes out a person from darkness to light. AllahoAkbar. Seeing such people, I feel we are also the unfortunate ones who have Allah Taala but we don’t give importance to it. May Allah Taala save us.

Ramadan is approaching Alhamdullilah. Last year my Ramadan was very heartbreaking with hardly 2months old Fawaaz . I pray inshaAllah this time, I will be more organized. My mind will be more focused. InshaAllah. 

May Allah Taala accept all of us for His Deen. May Allah Taala make us true muslims. I don’t know what will happen to us at DOJ. We all prepare for job interviews but we are hardly preparing for our akhirah which might be just 5mins away. Or maybe 5secs away. Or maybe this moment! 

May Allah Taala make this Ramadan heart changing Ramadan. Zahir and Batin both. Ameen! 


3 thoughts on “Ramadan approaching!

  1. I just rediscovered your blog. I remember reading it years ago, when you were studying in Karachi I believe. I can’t believe that you are married and have a baby boy. Mashallah ! Life is passing by quickly. It’s like coming across an old friend. I remember how much I used to love your writing and blog. Love the name Fawaz. I am super happy to rediscover you.


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