Reverse please

Can life have a reverse button, pretty please? Please? Can we stop Time. Life. People. Everything? Its getting out of my hands now. I cannot take it anymore. I don’t want to be the responsible one. I can’t be the one. I want rest. Rest from life. Rest from the schedule. Rest from everything. 

When will this end? When will I get out from this worldly mess. Enough. My heart is screaming “Enough”. My soul is tired. Tired of everyday , same day. 

But.. No choice. Cruel reality. It won’t stop. Life won’t stop. It cannot be reversed. It does not have reverse option. I have to live it. Some how. Anyhow. 

I have to live a life. Not mine. But others. Yeh! This is called life. Living for others. Forgetting yourself. This is Life.

Waiting for Jannat. There will be “my” life. May Allah grant me access to it. Ameen


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