Life? where?

Rant alert:

I am in that state when I pick up any book, he needs it. When I pick Quran, he needs it. When I pick mobile, he needs it. When I pray, he pulls me. I cannot go to washroom because he cries for being lonely. I cannot cook because either he wants the thing which is in my hand or he wants to open all drawers and cabinets and take things out. 

I am just done with my life. It feels as if I have done my worst mistake. I don’t know. Maybe A person should not have aims in life specially a girl! A woman! BecAuse this is what she has to do at that end. Cleaning buts full of smelly poops! 

Inna lillahe wainna ilaehirajeon! I am having the worst feelings right now. But I am helpless or maybe my Imaan level is very down or maybe no where.

And how it could be anywhere? When I cannot do anything. Allah! Please save me. Please do rehm on me. I am weak. Indeed very weak. 


2 thoughts on “Life? where?

  1. It’s okay. It’s okay to feel this way. That’s life. This too shall pass. He will grow up and want independence like we all do. Then letting him go would be so much more hard. But you are right. Sometimes the hard work we put in ourselves makes me think, why ? What’s the use of working so hard when all you are expected to do is make ‘Gol Roti’ ?


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