Thinking time

Today when I was coming back from mosque, the weather was quite good. I don’t know why but good weather provokes me to think good. Lol. 

Well, I was walking through a bridge. A strong wind was blowing my abhaya and naqab and it was difficult to drag stroller because of air pressure. so I stopped for a while. Looked around. Fast wind was blowing. Some people were rushing somewhere. Some people were drunk, some were holding them trying to control themselves too. Some were just sitting alone. Cars were rushing down the bridge. Hustle bustle. I aksed myself what Am I doing here? Spent my early 10-13 years in Saudi Arabia then 10-12years in Pakistan and I never thought I will end up coming here. In Japan. A non muslim country where muslims are in so minority. The place where suicide rate is so high! 

No, Alhamdullilah I was not thinking about doing sucide on the bridge =p but I was thinking about the people of Japan. They are so busy in themselves and in their work that they forgot the purpose of their existence. That is the only reason there is high suicide rate. 

I always used to hear and now I have seen that western people motto is to work all day and party all night. This is their life. And what is party for them? Party is to have wine and forget their own existence. For them party is to forget the reality of life. This is party for them. And the day they don’t do their so-called-“party” they are depressed. And when they are depressed for more than a week. They wants to suicide. This is the end.

Alhamdullilah we are muslims. And Alhamdullilah we get opportunity 5times a day to stop every minor thing of our life. And concentrate. Think only about Allah. Think only about our existence. 

Well, concluding this is the reality that I never liked Japan and I “will” never like Japan but since I am here and I have to live here. Allah must have better plans for me. There must be a reason for me to be here. May Allah Taala give me sabr. Ameen


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