Sometimes I think of ways; ways of changing others. Ways of showing people how beautiful deen is. Ways of showing people that this Deen also has a taste.. A taste that will make you taste it again and again. 

But in actual my thinking is wrong. Can we change anyone? No! Are we in position to change anyone? No! Then why am I thinking so.

Maybe because I think that on Day of Judgement if Allah Taala will ask me that I gave you this this knowledge and you were supposed to tell it to others then why did you remain quiet? Why didn’t you help those who were seeking knowledge? Why didn’t you help those who were new to Islam? Why were you among those people who were doing wrong? Why didn’t you tell the truth? What will I say to Allah? 

I am wrong. My questions are wrong. My thinking is wrong. I should always remember Allah Taala has his ways and timings. I am nothing. I cannot do anything for anyone. I am a person who is full of sins, those sins which are hidden from people. Who hid? Allah. Who can reveal? Allah. 

So first and foremost correct yourself and fear Allah. 


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