From my college/school days I have been listening to the words “Be mature” “you are not mature” etc. and at that time too these words used to put me off. Why? Because I was not old but I had responsibilities at that time too. I was kid but I had sense of responsibility. 

Now today when I am actually old and when I see people around, I ask myself is this what maturity is? Is diplomacy maturity? Is being two faced is maturity? Is saying lie; maturity? Is showing off; maturity? If this is maturity, then I don’t want to be mature. 

I don’t want to have an “art of taking everyone along” . I am good to be known as “You are kid, you don’t know anything” 


2 thoughts on “Maturity?

  1. So true ! I hate this as well. Especially after getting married, I hate the concept of not liking people but still keeping up with them because it’s your duty. If you don’t agree with this concept, you are called a child. But that’s okay. Our beliefs are what they are.


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