Loving ahadiths.

Allah Taala today was THE DAY. Ya Allah Taala, I don’t know how and why you chose this sinner to study your precious ilm. Ya Allah, you gave me such a big responsibility which I cannot thank enough of. Ya Allah, I don’t want to only study but also live each and every word of your deen ya Allah.

I don’t want to be the one on day of Qayamah who will come with Ilm but no amal. Ya Allah, these hadith sessions are just making me love You and Muhammad SAW more.

Ya Allah, today we studied one of the hadith in which Hazrat Muhammad SAW was sending Hazrat Muaaz RA to Yemen and he was giving him advices. Hazrat Muaaz RA was on his animal and Huzoor Akram SAW was walking with him. And once Huzoor Akram SAW was done telling him advices. He said to Muaaz RA that Oh Muaaz! Maybe this is the last time you are seeing me. And maybe next time when you come here, you will see my mosque and my grave only.

Ya Allah, just for a moment when I imagine myself in that position. Being with someone I love immensely. Crazily. I can give my life for that person and that person himself is sending me somewhere and I am going because of his command and I am submitting to his commandings. And now that very person is saying to me that you won’t be able to see me again i.e. he will die soon. Ya Allah, ya Allah. What feelings Hazrat Muaaz RA must have gone through. The time when you are about to leave and someone so special gives you such a big news! AllahoAkbar.

Hazrat Muaaz RA started to cry and huzoor Akram SAW turned his face in opposite direction. Why? Because Huzoor Akram SAW himself was afraid that if he will see hazrat Muaaz RA crying, he might cry too. Just imagine tge scene. Yaaa Allahhhhh….So much love! So much love!

And then Huzoor Akram SAW said to him to have Taqwa. Ya Allah, we also want to love you and your messenger immensely. The way Sahaba used to do. We also love you ya Allah. Give us Taqwa ya Allah. We never saw Nabi Kareem SAW but we love him, want to meet him. Wants to have water of hoz-e-kausr from his hands ya Allah so that we never feel thirsty again then ya Allah. Accept us ya Allah. Make us your maqbool Abd ya Allah. Drag us out of the sins. We are too weak. We are unable to do it. Shaitan always comes in between and then nafs takes over. Please take our charge. Please pyaray Allah.


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