Afraid to DREAM…

Dream is a temporary life we spend at night. Dream includes the good and bad peoples, the up and downs, the easy and difficult situations and we face those moments in dreams which we are afraid to face in real life. Dream can be a beautiful sight to remember or a horrible scene to forget. The more you get afraid to dream, the more you are caught in that situation.

Sometimes I wish I could have power over my dreams. I wish I could twist their directions according to my will. I am afraid of what my sub conscious mind is telling me. I am afraid of you. It’s the thought that makes me so afraid to dream. Let me dream my life, but let me not dream my life away.

Dream is like a movie which you have to see almost every night in which you can’t choose your favorite movie nor can you squeeze your eyes to skip the scenes. You have to see it and live it in any case.


Every night I ask myself: “What’s happening to me?”.
All the nightmares in my head try to kill me when I’m asleep.
I am restless, I am sad, I don’t know what I should do…
There’s a pain inside my soul, I don’t know why I’m so afraid…

I’m afraid…
I feel there’s someone watching over me, but I can’t explain.
There’s no one beside me, but there’s a coldness in my heart…
I know there’s something in the dark…cold it’s touching me…
It tries to break me, it tries to kill me… it’s tearing me apart!

I never want to close my eyes… (I never want to close my eyes…)
I don’t want to fall asleep… (I don’t want to fall asleep…)
I’m afraid…to dream… (I’m afraid…to dream…)
I’m afraid…to dream… (I’m afraid…to dream…)

–          Insomnia