The Stars and Critics behind BUKC Lipdub 2012!

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.”  Theodore Roosevelt

Excellent quote above eh?  Criticism is healthy given you have gone through the process or have experienced it all. I was thinking of writing something but my obstruction of words proved otherwise. However, Rahber’s article awoke the writer inside of me. This post of mine is in no way some sort of rivalry against Rahber’s Ashraf; I am just trying to abridge the biasness caused towards this knockout initiative that was taken by the students of our university. This post is to show the positive side of the same Lipdub discussed in that blog.

Yes it’s true that the rhythm and sync at many points were not in line. The flashmob really sucked the video. But I guess it’s the cameraman mistake. He could have edited that part. Yes I also agree that there was no point in bringing in BHANGRA in between a very upbeat song. But why are we forgetting that the participants performing that move weren’t aware of “shuffling” of Party rock .Everyone has some self-respect; we can’t generalize and blame it all on the participants. Here, it’s the song incorporation that went wrong, not the performance. There’s a difference there guys. Werna sab ko izzat pyari hai yaaar! 😉

Yeah the cans, a big put off but we’re in Bahria, sponsors are scarce and if we get them by the grace of God, we HAD to show them off during the Lipdub; otherwise consequences wouldn’t be pretty. Really. 😛 Plus there shouldn’t even be any argument here because not a single student of the university even pay a penny for these activities. This is the effort of the team who invested their time, money and hard work otherwise people wouldn’t have even participated in it. C’mon, give in some credit, atleast they did it.

The person who uploaded the video didn’t upload it in HD version yet so put the video quality aside till the 3GB video gets published! Then we will criticize it openly. Wait and watch till then. The budget wasn’t huge nor did the students pay for it so lay it off. The editing is waaaayyy better than the NUST‘s lipdub. Stop comparing, its funny how people used to say “BAHRIA and LIPDUB? What a Joke?” And now when it’s finally done and has preceded the expectations of many…here we are, comparing, insulting, sulking and criticizing (not in a good way) for no apparent reason.  Shows the pathetic unity, just sad.

Oh in the end, Rahber Thanks a lot for the compliment you gave to my photography! I am flattered! 😉 But It would have been way better if you would have asked the permission for the pictures. It is unethical and unprofessional to violate the copyrights.

Apart from the above, since the first day of the rehearsal until the last day, during the shoot, the big launch and last but not the least “facebook”. I have been reading and hearing comments and trust me, it’s funny how the end result contradicted the very comments of various individuals when they themselves on many occasions should have been held responsible for the so called “ruining” of the video. You can’t just expect something to turn out amazingly when you can’t support it a 100%. A lip dub team wasn’t comprised of just directors, chorographers etc but everyone who participated. Lipub team comprised of many people and all of those people had the need to work together to make it happen. How exactly can it happen when the participants themselves are lazying around?  There were different predictions, comments and feedbacks describing the 11 mins of lipdub.

I would like to share some most-common statements incase if anyone isn’t aware of.

 “Dude I can’t stay for this long after classes when I can predict the output”
(Yaar ap tu jotshi niklay! The management team hadn’t gone nuts to stay till 7pm just to improve this output which is ruined because of “your” type people.)

 “I don’t want to be a part of lipdub. I don’t want to be a part of something which is already flop. See the dance steps”– (Why didn’t YOU become a choreographer if you knew so much about DANCES)

 “How many retakes will the cameraman take?” (if he wouldn’t have taken so many retakes, This wouldn’t have been even up to this mark”

“Cbm ka dekhoo! Aur apna lipdub dekhoo! Sara hoa!” (Pehlay cbm k students ko dekhoo aur apnay ap ko dekho. Kisi wajh say yahan ho! 😉 )

Everyone in this university is either criticizing Bahria or the people inside. Dude! You had other options why on earth did you land here?  Many participants left before flashmob which decreased the number of participants to 120. Who is supposed to be responsible? This University is because of you! If you are so efficient, shouldn’t you be the one organizing the whole event?

The cameraman was paid. YES! Flash NEWS! The event wasn’t free and the sponsors didn’t sponsor the whole event. So technically the cameraman is responsible for the  editing and not the management so should I post the link of Faraz Alam so that the criticizers can directly criticize the concerned person? 😉

Those who were part of it know the efforts behind. Learn to appreciate the people who take initiatives instead of criticizing for what you can’t even THINK of doing.

However, People dressed the way, moved the way, acted the way they wanted without being judged. No matter it flopped or got hit, the participants participated by their own will and for their own satisfaction and enthusiasm. They at least participated for the love of university they are proudly part of.  They participated without whining to be in Bahria because they know the reasons they are here.

And for me Faraz Alam didn’t do any bad work. He showed much patience. Hats off to him too!

What so ever, this video has already paved its name in the history and the team members have engraved their names as the TEAM OF FIRST EVER LIPDUB IN BAHRIA. Kuddos to them!

P.s– The way I didn’t’ photograph as an OFFICAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I didn’t write this article to get the TITLE. It’s for the sake of friendship and sincerity I noticed in the team. It’s for the sake of the effort I saw and attachment I got within two days- Lipdub event and the release day of LIpdub video!

This was the response of participants on the release day! Audi was full packed! ❤



There was a thrill! There was suspense! The war of presentation was going on! All participants were acting like professionals, giving their best to conquer the stage. My kids were nervous and so was I” These are the feelings of every mentor and their participants present in the auditorium of Bahria University event “Mega Presentation III”

The experience of mentoring a group of five was amazing. They tolerated me, my orders and so called my “motivational speeches”. I still remember the situation when I was cooling them down when I myself wanted someone by my side. Thanks for the cup of tea that helped me when my body temperature was shooting!

Two weeks ago, I met five people who were TOTALLY UNKNOWN to me and now they were one of the most WELL KNOWN people of the auditorium who were not only representing their individuality but the whole group and of course ME!

Muzammil, Sunaina, Adnan, Fizza and Naveed were my five participants working under me who tolerated my orders and gave their best to make the “EXTRA SERIOUS TOPIC- Guantanamo bay” digestive one!  Thank you Naveed for suggesting the topic, Sunaina to be there with me from the very beginning, Muzammil for putting your efforts in presentation, in flyer and for accepting my orders on URGENT NOTICE. (See I added your name in my precious note too  😛 )

Apologizes for Fizza, I know you were my target whole two weeks but seriously I am bad in controlling my anger. I am unfortunately TIME FREAK!! Well, Last but not least! Thank you ASAD for mentioning my name at the end and stop being EMOTIONAL- It’s over!! Opps! I mean Adnan! < I again got confused!:P>. Thank you all for such EMO type texts, I feel so respected, totally OUT OF THE WORLD!! 😉

In the end, a short message for all the participants, it was a small competition. I can assure you all will do much better next time. After all it was never about winning or losing, it was about having experience. We might have loss the stage but we won the EXPERIENCE!! I feel proud to be your mentor. CHEERS!!!