I am a Stranger. You are a STRANGER.



You meet people and they have an effect on you, but their presence in your life proves to be temporary. But then again, everyone’s presence in your life is temporary. It’s just that you expect some people to hang around longer than they do, and disappointment comes with setting up expectations.

You begin to enjoy their presence, look forward to their company, and next thing you know, they’re gone. You relied on their presence for a certain emotion, and you associated that emotion with them. You lose that emotion when it’s gone, and that emotion was a large part of you.

They were a large part of you because they became part of who you were. That’s the problem, we rely on people when we shouldn’t. We get attached when we shouldn’t. We fancy their presence, whether they’re a friend or a lover, when we shouldn’t.

We should enjoy their company for the time being, but it’s deadly when you get used to someone. It becomes a tragedy when they leave, because you allowed them to become a part of you. And nothing is worse than seeing them leave, because you’re watching a part of you walk away. 

And the only thing you can do is start over with yourself. But this time, grow on your own. Don’t rely on anyone else because everyone has a temporary presence in your life. Nobody can assure you how long they’ll stay. Nobody knows when their time will come, or when duty calls and they’re gone. Because as Ibn Taymiyyah says “Even your shadow leaves you in darkness.”

And after it’s all said and done, we go back to being strangers.

Everyone changes, and you’re not the same person you were yesterday. I’m not the same person I was an hour ago. I’ll look back at this, and I’m not who I was, when I wrote this.

Even I will be a stranger to myself, somebody that I once knew and was well accustomed to being around. If I don’t keep up with you and you don’t keep up with me, then we no longer know one another.

And we become strangers. And who knows, we might have been meant to be strangers all along. And you might have been sent to guide me and then depart.

I am a Stranger and You are a Stranger. That is the reality of life.

-inspired by TheMuslimMatters


Let things go…


When you don’t know the answer of any question, you don’t leave the whole paper, instead you complete the rest and then try to solve the difficult one again. Likewise, life needs time to solve the problems. It requires the courage and the strength to overcome the obstacles you face.

Life is not a piece of cake. It is full of hardships and every hurdle is our examination for life hereafter. Give your life a break. There can be many choices in front of you to choose from but cutting off from everything isn’t the right option to choose.

We all need time to re-energize ourselves. Each of us finds strength in different places, some from being with others, some from being alone and some from a mixture of both. Knowing yourself and understanding what you need to do to get rejuvenated is a crucial part of self fulfillment. Take care of YOU and the rest will fall into place.

Believe in God, Believe in yourself. Nothing is beyond your grasp. Musty up courage to extend hand for it. Show the inner you to yourself. It’s never too late to get back to the originality.

Remember every blown balloon has air prison inside. No matter how tightly you tie it, still it make its way out. Give yourself time to release the tension which is hovering over you. You will get out of it soon!


Exhale LOVE!

Close your eyes, breathe in, breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the air going from your nose in your chest then from your chest to the nose and out. Feel the breathe exiting your heart and listen the sound of breathe telling your heart that the pain will heal. It will replenish itself.  It will endure all the pain without letting anyone know about it.

Curve your lips. Tell yourself you are your own best friend and you are the best in the world. Sometimes heaps and heaps of words can easily be hidden under the curve of lips. Those who try to uncover those words, do it anyway.

Everyone has their own priorities and you can’t do anything about it. Remember this world needs light. You can either be a shadow which adds the darkness or a light which can give a shadow.

Inhale all the pain and darkness inside and Exhale love out. To heal yourself and to heal the world. SMILE!

“When burdens are heavy on our shoulders and darkness is all we see, when the sun had set over our light of day, and dreams had to vanish within the pale sky, it’s just not over yet, gather up the ashes and look ahead, wipe away your tears, it’s not your fault”- Samar Saleh

Silent note!

A silent note,

In a silent night,

For the silent tear,

Shed behind an eye.

A silent note,

For the unspoken words,

Prisoned behind the silent lips.

A silent note,

For the sake of dry eyes and curved lips.

A silent note,

In a silent night,

For the silent tear,

Shed behind an eye.