People think isolation makes a person insane, I think isolation is a best way to know yourself. This world is not “what I want” or “What you want”, it is actually what your ultimate purpose of this life wants. And you will UNDERSTAND the ultimate purpose of life when you will go through this phase. I emphasized on UNDERSTANDING is because most of the people are aware of the purpose but being aware of something and understanding something are two different aspects which needs to be placed separately. 

Thank you.

*baqwas blurted out*




You look ahead and you see a face you didn’t recognize. You feel alone. You face everything alone. You realize that this life is to live alone. Awkwardly staring at the wall. Tears dripping down cheeks. No reason. No fear. Its you and you. Either you die or live, no one knows. You are the creator of your own ways. Keep it to your self. Your hands are cuffed. Your mouth is gagged. Once you speak, you will be jailed and will be made dumb.

You want isolation after telling your problems or freedom after struggling against your problems. Choice is in your hands.