MY decision, MY choice, HIJABI for life!

Yes! I do wear Hijab. I like socializing and I am a normal human being.  Even though hijab is being common day by day, many people still look at you suspiciously when covered.

When Allah gave me guidance and I started to wear Hijab, I got an ample amount of criticism and comments from people. Following are some comments people gave and the answers I wish to give. But I just wish…

  • You are so young.. Why have you decided to wear hijab?
    (Yes! I am a 20 year old doodh-piti bachi. I lost my feeder so I decided to start wear Hijab!)
  • How will you get proposals? It won’t be easy to get married.
    (The one who can’t be of Allah can’t be mine)
  • If you will get proposal, you will go to some Mullah family.
    (So you mean being religious is a sin?)
  • Why have you become so backward?
    (If wearing hijab makes me backward then wearing bikini will make me too forward?)
  • Don’t you feel suffocated wearing it in summer?
    (Don’t you feel suffocated in open hair?)
  • Did anyone force you or decided yourself?
    (Yes someone forced me. My inner self and my own dignity)
  • Don’t wear in front of this person; he is too old for you.
    (Miss, Allah didn’t tell about the age, he told about the mehram and na-mehram. Kindly put your fatwas to yourself)
  • Why you wearing at your home?
    (Because you came with a male who is not a kid but a grown up man!)
  • Wearing a hijab is like being a walking religious billboard.It’s better to lower your gaze around men than wearing a physical piece of clothing over your head and not have the spiritual and inner hijab.
    (Although I am not responsible to give you any explanation, but that was my inner self who forced me to wear Hijab and I know how much I practice Islam. If I am a religious billboard then I am proud to be different. )

Though wearing Hijab is not as easy as it looks. I was rejected for a marketing job just because the requirement was not to be covered. “You can’t attract the customers Wafa. They want a girl who can wear jeans and shirt” I can wear jeans and shirt but not for others, not for being a SHOWCASE to attract CUSTOMERS; but for myself.

We judge one another on the basis of clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup.  What kind of judgment is this?  Yes, I have a body like everyone else but it is not an advertisement material or an asset to rank the quality. If the women of today are liberal, why cant they walk down the street without being “checked out”?

For me Hijab is my security. I wear it for myself and not for others. I wear it because Allah ordered to wear.I wear hijab and cover up to protect myself, to secure myself, so that I can get the proper respect and not to be treated like a piece of meat. I wear it to have the inner peace. I know the changes I am feeling with my head covered. For others it can be just covering head but for me it is covering from all the sins.I don’t want anyone to tell me how beautiful I am. I know who I am and I have made my choices now.

I don’t wear a niqab as of yet, but I’ll see where life takes me. I have made changes in my lifestyle and is looking forward to have more. May Allah give me more guidance. Ameen.

P.S-  After writing this piece, I am thinking to share my experience as how I started it. Well lets c! May Allah give guidance to every human being.