Surahs Translations

These are not the complete translations of Surahs in fact these are some verses which I love reading. These are some of those verses which makes my Iman more strong, which tells me where I am going wrong. I feel as Allah is directly talking to me. There is great depth in each one of them. If you go in Tafseer of these Ayats, you will know how wrong we are, how many misconceptions we have.

These ayahs might have been revealed for the people of those times but this Quran is for the people who will come till the Day of Judgement so these ayahs reflect our lives too. They are our guide.

I am adding translations ahista ahista after I am finishing reading them because in this way I will continue both things; Reading and Spreading too. InshaAllah soon I will also add tafseer of these ayahs. May Allah give me toufeeq to end what I have started. Ameen.

p.s- All translations are taken from Darrusalam website.

Surah Fatiha

– This is the surah which I love most. This surah, if read by all heart and soul, can turn your fate. I have no words to explain it.

A suggestion-whenever you recite Surah Fatiha in your prayers, mean each and every word of it. Allah(s.w.t) will himself show you right path. That is CONFIRM thing!!

Surah Baqrah


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