There must be a day when you wake up knowing that you are late today and immediately wished to reach on time and the day you wished, you never get on time. If this has happened with you, then don’t worry, you alone aren’t the victim but many are, including me!

Few days back I got up five minutes before I had to leave home. As I opened my eyes and saw the alarm clock. I thought something went fishy with it but when I moved my gaze on wall clock; I realized something fishy is with me not with these clocks!

I left the bed like robot  and hurried but in no vein as I was already 10 minutes late. As I walked out of my gate, a beggar sticked to me.” Baji 5 rupay day do!”<give me 5 rupees> I said I don’t have but he kept on saying “day do day do ” <please give> so I gave few pennies just to get rid of him. He returned them back saying “I want 5 or more than that!! not these few coins!!” I saw him with my eyes wide open. I was shocked for a minute.

What is beggar doing in our area? Moreover at morning time? Secondly when I am giving him money, he is returning me back! What a NAWAB-PANA!<prince> I was still in shock when QINGQI (a four seater rickshaw) passed me, I got frustrated because I was already late, then this kid and his NAWABPANA and now I missed QINGQI !

I asked that boy to leave me and go away right then but he sat on footpath showing me his innocent face. I felt odd so I opened my bag to give him a proper NOTE! But as I opened, I saw another QINGQI coming. At this time I wasn’t in state to let it go! I gave an innocent look at that kid, flagged it down and consoled myself saying” No problem if I am late, driver will DEFINITELY going to fly his bike like a JET PLANE!”  But since “I” hoped he will drive fast, he was so slow that I bet donkey cart could have moved faster than it!

Surely luck wasn’t with me, anti dropped her bag on road for which we had to wait till she got it back and the accident had to happen at the same day!! My bad!

Bike dropped me before the stop and I had to walk around 15 minutes to reach to other bus point where I had to wait till another QINGQI come. As soon as I stood there, I saw it coming. I rushed towards it, feeling relieved that at least something is going with my luck!

As I sat, I heard “BUHAT KAMINAPANA DEKHAYA AP NAY!!”<i can’t translate it now :P> These words immediately made me turn around. I was like WHAAAT?!!!?? Then I realized a college girl was ready to sit and before her, I sat. That was a funny moment. I smiled at her, shrugged my shoulders and gave her innocent look. When QINGQI started to move, I waved at which her face was worth seeing. It was a silent chat or rather say Interesting chat! Because if QINGQI wouldn’t have moved at that time, I wouldn’t be here writing this scenario.

On my way, I thought what a pleasant morning with 15 minutes walk like morning walk, such nice words like KAMINAPAN which I ate like breakfast and quiet hot SILENT conversation which I drank like hot tea. I was thinking about it when QINGQI stopped, I spontaneously said NOW WHAT? And I got answer “Baji Silencer may Kachra a gaya!” <Silencer has choked> At that time I wanted to BANG MY HEAD somewhere!  I started smiling because I got sure that today luck isn’t with me nor IN A MOOD to be with me.

There were two girls of same university so I suggested them to hire a rickshaw. Instead of distributing the fare, I had to pay the whole fare because it was MY MISTAKE that I suggested the idea!! When I paid rickshaw driver I was literally laughing on my state of HELPLESSNESS! I thought half an hour back I was having a sound sleep and within this passage of time I have experienced almost everything.

I walked slowly as I was half an hour late for class. I was sure I will have to miss this unit or I will get insulted by the teacher. But as soon as I reached it, I came to know teacher has already cancelled the class. The first thing which came in my mind was “SIR BUHAT KAMINAPANA DEKHAAYA AP NAY


The Rollercoaster Journey!

As I am youngest of all, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Now I realize that this silver spoon cultivates a very rosy perception of the world outside. There is a lot more to see, to learn, to experience from.

In my pampered days, I use to travel with my dad, brother or with van. The bus business was far away from me till I got admission in college. The thought had never accrued to me until one day ,the silver spoon was rudely snatched from my mouth when my mom said “let her go herself…kab tak spoon-feeding karaingay

My first day of college was rather more interesting than more experiencing. I was hanging on the door step of the bus as the driver accelerated on, criminally neglecting the fact that I am first time travelling in the bus. The worst thing he obviously wasn’t aware of was, I didn’t know where my destination is.

Well as I stepped in the bus, I found myself stared from everyone as if they can read my face. I was amazed to see the fragile interiors of the bus, which was close to falling apart. Taking off my eyes from its interior, I tried to find any seat but luck wasn’t with me. I had to stand holding a pole which was itself not stable. While looking around I was more surprised to see the creativity of painter or whoever wrote poetries inside bus saying ”wafa na ki tu kia kia”, “dil day chukay sanam”…”aesay tu na dekh”..”dekh magr pyar say“. ”katelana nazrain” and God knows what else.

I was going through all these phrases when someone said “BAJI KERAYA”…then I said to myself okay! so this is conductor sahib, who apart from creating noise pollution on our roads, does this too. I gave him the rent but when for my own satisfaction I asked if this bus is going to Guru mandir. Conductor laughed and then he told “baji ap ulti bus may carh gaeen, ap dosri side say bus lain”. I was like OH MY GOD! New bus means again climb a mountain!!…

Well, I got off from that bus, crossed the road and got on another bus. I had to stand at foot step all the way as it was so full. Street vendors get on and off at various bus stops knowing there is no space to even stand but they want to tempt you with their sub-standard cuisines. Same goes with beggars who with their depressed, innocent gazes embarrass you for having hands and feet until you are compelled to give them some money.

Leaving all this behind, luckily I reached to my destination though I got off from bus two stops before I actually had to leave. As I didn’t know the actual address…I had to wander about one hour here and there so that anyone could tell me the way! Thanks to a lady who was going to some school near my college. Like this I reached somehow.

It’s 3yrs now travelling in bus and now I have discovered that it takes a feat of supreme athleticism in getting on and off the moving bus while dodging cars and having your life in your hands. I have already gathered many near-death experiences. These three years taught me some valuable lessons about real life. I know now that these buses carry people who are like you and me. The stained glasses of buses may get those people faces look dirty and concealed but now I can sense their condition and circumstances they are facing. So, if you are born in a luxurious family, never experienced bus, I would be glad if you take my advice. The next time the rickshaw driver ask you for handful rent..Teach him and yourself a lesson by flagging down a bus. Your lesson will surely be in a form of experience!