Everything ends!

Everyone has some unanswered questions, some haunted memories, some philosophical theories and some pleasure memories. We all want to know, to be knowledgeable, to be competitive, to travel, to experience the world, to indulge in pleasures, to smile into the sunlight, to feel the air, to feel the touch and to pause everything. We yearn to slow down the moments to feel them. We crave to adore them. The splash of water in a river, the wind that blew hair away, when the heart skip a beat are moments we desire to take in and store them in ourselves, to sleave our webbed minds. Those minds that are preoccupied by our own deeds.

We enjoyed life in cradle, free of worries, full of pleasure. Grew up, mistakes are made, people are vanished, and friends are lost. Tears flickered in eyes, hid behind the lid, drowned in the darkness, run through the stained face. We lose the importance of things, become materialistic. We act like robots; feeling less. We aim and we aimed.We achieved and yet aimed again. We lost and got shattered. Unaware of the reasons. Rest got lost somewhere in the middle of the journey unaware of what happened to themselves.

These unanswered questions fade with the day. These reasons leave us bare minded. These memories leave us before we get chance to adore them. They all die off too soon. They die before we expect them to. They die like the way we do. Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere! 


And the journey begins…

Certain journey in life becomes a part of our permanent memory. It is not necessary that a journey must be marked with some specific incident for it to become a soothing memory for the coming years. Sometimes, simple time that you spend with your family becomes such a part. Sometimes, simple smiles make your journey unforgettable. A similar type of story I experienced couple of weeks ago.

We were quite sleepy when we left our home. We passed the city watching “Calm city” which we knew will be soon going to be called “Busy City”. It was early morning and sun had not risen. Soon, we were on Karachi highway, maintaining average speed, preparing ourselves for the long journey which we had to go through.

While seeing off the city of lights, I watched every movement of the Round-Shape Allah’s creation which changed its color from mild orange to bright yellow. The Sun looked really soothing in that early morning time. Clouds were spread across the sky in such a way as if someone had intentionally arranged them to make it picturesque. The mild sunlight of rising sun coming behind the clouds, the flock of birds dancing and singing above sky and the sun itself intensified the splendor of beautiful morning.

Due to the changing weather and the early morning time of the day, dew and fog could easily be noticed. As we proceed towards Hyderabad, there were times when we were unable to see the road in front us. It felt like an unsolved mystery in which every step you take unaware of what will come to you. Every little advancement was full of enthusiasm. There was a specific excitement which was moving us ahead. Some people preferred to stop at side, but we still chose to move slowly in such a low visibility. Surely, there was no competition in being ahead, but to conquer this mystery and to glorify the nature before everyone else.

A couple of time passed in such a way, when the intensified sunlight knocked my eyes, informing me that sun had risen significantly. I watched upward through the window; the sun was all set. And the smooth journey was already in run…