Splashhh! Finally it rained!

Today, I didn’t have my camera when it rained. Even though I missed it too much, the positivity of the moment was that I got ample time to think, observe and watch people looking towards the sky and wiggling their toes in the freshly poured water. Whether it was from a sense of rebellion, or a genuinely enjoyable moment, I could see that they were perfectly happy being wet and most importantlyI loved enjoying the sight of blooming faces, the fresh flowers and last but not least the smell of wet sand. I felt the gentle petrichor, that blissful smell of earth when it quenches its thirst.

While walking through the rain, I observed the drops of rain making their space in the puddle. As a drop touched the puddle, it vibrated the whole puddle, a small ring was made and then emerged a big ring within it and in seconds that drop was lost somewhere in the water. No more existence. No more identity.

Accidently I stomped my foot down hard in a puddle <pachhh>. The drop that was lost somewhere in the puddle came jumping and splashing on my shoes leaving them all wet. My initial reaction was a cringe.  I was like “Shit! My shoes are all wet now!”. The bothersome feeling of a soaked sock was inevitable but then I spent the rest of the walk splashing through every puddle we came across because I knew my shoes were already wet and I couldn’t do anything about it.

A thought struck my mind that moment, Trust is also like a drop of rain. Slowly and gradually trust makes space in a person life and that person completely comes to terms with it. At one point, he forgets that you were once a stranger. If even by accident that trust is broken, you start breaking everyone’s’ trust because of the deception you went through. You take revenge by deceiving others.

Well that was a random thought that occurred to me . The clouds vanished, leaving the beautiful artistic sky clear. The birds started chirping again. We walked, stretched our hands, laughed and finally got home after tolerating bad traffic jam and water pools.

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Mesmerizing Blessing!


Soft mesmerizing touch of raindrops falling from red bursting clouds,

rejuvenating life in dead soil, revitalizing the beauty of trees,

dancing in the pool made by uneven earth,

proving the law of nature.

Filtering the air,

Enhancing the beauty,

Lifting up the moods,

In short pumping breath into the breathless,

giving beats to beatless

and providing hope to hopeless.

Emotions- A diplomacy or soul’s expression?

<tip tip tip> The water was dripping in my terrace. It was heavy rainfall. I was sitting there watching the droplet’s panic movement. I was wondering how they all started a while ago like a person in fierce rage and now, how it has cooled down like nothing ever happened. The soothing smell of wet rained sand, the voice of dripping water, the sound of breeze, the sight of sky full of black clouds drifting apart. Everything reminded me of days we were together.

The cup of tea in hand, the feeling of sipping hot tea made the weather more beautiful. The whole scenario was reminding me of our beautiful days.I was missing you. I wanted to tell you I miss you. I tried to tell but I felt as if my whole body jammed on just the mere thought of telling you.

Why is it so that when you really want to express, you fail? Where there is a real need to express, you fail? It happens a lot with me. For instance, there are many times when I thought of saying many things to my parents for example “Thank you for everything and I am also trying to do something for you”, “ Don’t worry I am here for you”. I always tried to speak out but seriously I never abled to say the first part of each sentence so forget about the second one.

I am sure I am not only the victim of this NON-EXPRESSIVE DISEASE but many must be. Emotions are actually very complicated thing. Wikipedia define it as Emotion is the complex psycho physiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences. See how complicated!!:D

You must caught yourself saying “You played with my emotions” . For your information, These are emotions that played with you. No one can play with you until and unless your own emotions do it! Any person has no control on you, no one can decieve you because you will be DECIEVED when you will TRUST that person. And again TRUST is a part of EMOTION that you are having on someone. So, Yes! Emotions act as a diplomatic Person! We know that it is responsible for everything but we can’t lock it behind prison because we don’t have a proof.

Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Emotions leave you in a condition where you have to become a hypocrite. If you will start expressing each and everything…people will criticize you saying IMMATURE etc.. And if you will stop expressing completely, people will still Criticize you saying FEELING LESS etc…

So, you have to cope up with hypocrisy which according to Maugham “the most difficult and nerve racking vice that any man can purse; it needs an unceasing vigilance and a rare detachment of spirit. It cannot, like adultery or glutony, be practised at spare moments; it is a whole time job” Got this quote? Nah!? Be a hypocrite and say yes!