Concentrated material

Life changes 180 degrees. On one side you were pampered and the other side you have to pamper. Priorities are different now. Tensions are different. There is one being attached to you who relies on you, dependent on you. Your life is no more yours to handle but that little being will handle now. Schedule changes. Likes and dislikes change. Everything change. You change. 

Its subhanAllah to see him growing but motherhood is no easy job. May Allah Taala give sabr e Jameel. Ameen


Just randomly reflecting on life. SubhanAllah how Allah Taala has made things to work. Every little thing is connected. Literally everrryyy little thing is connected to Allah Taala.

Very simple example, I need fruit, fruit comes from tree. Tree needs soil. Soil needs water. Water comes from sky. Likewise, every little thing of life has roots connected to Allah Taala. 

Actually this is not the right way to put it, I should say, though everything is managed by Allah Taala but since we think WE are doing things so inorder to explain it to our oh-so-materalistic minds, I put it like that. 

Fawaaz also reminds me of Allah Taala. The way he smiles, looks, shows anger and happiness, kisses (oh yes! I taught him to do pappi to Mama 😂) , the way he knows Mama is angry now. SubhanAllah. Who is teaching him? No other than Allah.

Hmm.. I love him .. But sometimes, lol =p

Right now its raining, It often rains here so not so enjoyable thing. But today, the smell of rain reminds me how I used to enjoy rain then I actually enjoyed rain. Lol. Now I realize the physcology game. 

Life is good Alhamdullilah. I am in gallery. Its raining. Fawaaz is sleeping. My hands are freezing. I can see the “dhuaa” coming out from my nose. Lol. 

I like blogging again. Okie going back in room ~_~

Steps to crawl

okie, so I was so busy in my studies that I forgot blogging once again. Well, now Alhamdullilah I am free. 

Yesterday fawaaz took his first tiny steps of ACTUAL crawling. The reason I emphasized on ACTUAL is because you was doing fauji-style crawling since a week and I was just wondering how many clothes will he ruin by this style =p lol everyone has their worries. No? SubhanAllah. 

This month he achieved many milestones MashaAllah such as having three teeths. Moving like Fauji. He has started to sit and he also has started to sit through his knees in cot. Lol that is funny sight though. 

On fridays, when I go for study circles, he is center of attention of everyone and why he wouldn’t be , he is so naughty! He actually grabs scarf of another baby who is 2 months elder than him. He treat her as if he is old and she is young. Poor Khawlah! You know japanese children are very innocent as compared to our Asian children. 

About Study circle, hmm, Alhamdullilah it is going on. More than a month now Alhamdullilah. I am thinking to upload material here for others to benefit too inshaAllah. 

May Allah accept this gathering and the hardwork everyone is putting into it. Ameen.

Wsallam ma’al akraam


*actually i am bored hence writing*

He is going to be 8 months old soon. He already started to try to crawl. Still when I see him, I ask myself, is it real? Is this my baby? Did I deliver him? Am I a mother? Ajeeb. Right? Hmm.. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the truth that bachpan is over. I am responsible now. 

You know what.. There is no as such difference when you get married (atleast in my case) but when you get a kid. AllahoAkbar! The change is real man! 

You have to change yourself, your routine, your priorities. People treat you differently. All of a sudden you become Aunty from Baji =p ajeeb na? Hmm… Life is ajeeb. 

Sometimes when I observe him playing. SubhanAllah. How Allah teaches everything. From sucking milk to smiling, laughing, rolling, crawling, walking and what not.. SubhanAllah. Ajeeeb. Pure ajeebness around us. Yet we still do Na shukri.

I still remmember when we went to hospital for pregnancy checkup , doctor told that baby does not have a heart beat and we will wait for a week otherwise we will clear it up. We asked is there anything to be done? They said nothing. Wait and watch. 

How helpless we were. SubhanAllah. Allah is the one who gives life and death. No doubt. Hmmm..

Another start! 

So Alhamdullilah after an year gap, another attempt of this Naqis. 

Last year I was giving talks to people who were already Muslims and knew our basic aqeeday well.. 

NThis time majority of them are converts. New experience. New struggle. It is actually reality check that me as a born muslim cannot define the minute details of the deen. Why? Because we never give or deen the inportance these new Muslims are giving. They are the ones who sacrificed their lives to convert. Some left their family. Some left their circle.

That is the reason we should not judge any person. Not even non muslim because you never know if they accept islam tomorrow then they will be the one most purest and you will be the bad one then..

May Allah make me beneficial for others. And make it beneficial for my own soul. 
I intend to continue this work inshaAllah. Session 1 started with benefits of Sohbat ( good companionship) with the story of Taif. 

May Allah put barakah in the gathering. May Allah change our hearts through this gathering. May Allah make us firm on deen. May Allah make us walk on the path of Haq and save us from all fitnah. Ameen