loving this Duaa!

Allahumaj’al fi qalbi noora, wa fi lisaani noora, wa fi sam’i noora, wa fi basari noora, wa min fauqi noora, wa min tahti noora, wa an yammeni noora, wa an shimali noora, wa min amaami noora, wa min khalfi noora, waj’al fi nafsi noora, wa a…’zim li noora, wa ‘azzim li noora, waj’al li noora, waj’alni noora, Allahumma ‘atini noora, waj’al fi ‘asabi noora, wa fi lahmi noora,….. wa fi dami noora, wa fi sha’ri noora, wa fi bashari noora. {Allahum-maj’al li noora fi qabri, wa noora fi ‘izaami.} {Wa zidni noora, wa zidni noora, wa zidni noora} {Wa hab li nooran ‘ala noor}.

Oh Allah, bring into my heart light, and my toungue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and infront of me light, and behind me light. Bring …into my spirit light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light. Oh Allah, grant me light, and make in my mind light, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light. {Oh Allah, make for me a light in my grave, and a light in my bones} {Increase me in light, increase me in light, increase me in light} {Grant me light upon light}

Wht story

It says share your story here.. Story about what? Story of being lost? Story of filling the gap and vaccating it again? What story? Story of how life can throw you upside down? Story of how somone can mean so much to you? Story of how you forget the purpose of your existence or what? What do you want to know exactly?….

Life name should not be “life” but “struggles”. But one thing is clear to me I don’t want to go back. No! What ever it is! Whatever! No going back khawahishat. Not even a lil bit hope type thing? No! Whatever you did was right? I don’t know about that but everything should have happened and everything happened according to Allahs will. Thats it. 

Shutup now. 

Allahs Love

Ten steps towards Allahs love.
1- INCREASE IN ZIKR. Jo insaan jis say ziada muhabbat kerta hai, us ka zikr bhi utna hi kerta hai.
2- TILAWAT OF QURAN- with tadabur and tafakur with some qualified teacher. ( Learning Tafseer of Quran is like diving into sea)
3- NAWAFIL– “jab jab banda nawafil parhta hai tu mujh say aur qareeb hjata hai”. Life is about extras. Koi bhi relation acha kerna hai us k liay you have to do extras.
4-ALLAH KO HER CHEZ PER FOQIYAT DENA- jab dunya or Allah ki baat a jaee tu Allah ko pick kia jae. Jab dunya ka pressure hoo tu dekhoo k Allah ko khush kerna hai ya Allah ko.
5-ALLAH KI SIFAAT P GOR KERNA– Insan ki fitrat hai k jab ussay kisi ki achiaan pata chal jaeen tu automatically woh banda acha lagnay lagjata hai
7- DIL TOTTA HAI TU ALLAH KI MUHABBAT BARHTI HAi- “May totay hoay dil k qareeb hoon”
8- KHALWAT MAY ALLAH KO YAAD KERNA- Tahajud is like a blank cheque. When you are alone, you get to know YOU
9-BREAK AWAY SHACKLES AND HURDLES– Allah ki mohabbat panay k liay beach k her chezoo ko zindgi say nikalain. We don’t have two hearts k aik dunya ko day dain or aik deen ko dai dain. Allah won’t enter a heart which is already occupied.
10-TO SPEND TIME WITH ALLAH WALAY– Suhbat is must. Yeh sirrf kitabay parhnay say nahi ati. You become what you spend time with.