Homeschooling experiment 4

Slow and steady wins the race.

Before reading ahead, you should know that you are the best mom in the world and no one knows how to handle your kid but you know only!

Having said that, I was busy in my own mess lately so couldn’t write much. Not to forget laziness also.

Well, following is the progress we have made. Fawaaz is now 2 years and 8 months now. Pretty grown up.

We reached letter “P”. But he can recognize all letters now except N, R, S and Q. I don’t know why. Maybe I didn’t bothered trying to make him recognize =p *you see laziness*

Secondly, can you see light bulb we made?

We made it out of tissue roll and messed papers. Make ball from papers and cover them with colored shiny paper. In japan we have origami. It is very famous in children. They make different things from origami. You can check out the link if you have time and you want to be more creative.

This is flower we made from tissue roll again. Fawaaz helped in cutting. And he did glue job. Obviously I did rest. He got busy in cutting other papers.

Fawaaz solo work. I pasted this on wall to appreciate him. And trust me, every morning he says pointing it “pyara pyara” because this is what i said when he showed me his creativity.

Kids need attention and appreciation. Simple.

P.s – this creativity is better than picking all small cuttings from carpet 😖 *laziness speaking*

He knows these names now Alhamdullilah . This puzzle is from 100 yen shop. 😉

I think he is having difficulty in remembering colors. I think it is not right time for him but we try to tell him name of everything with colours. Like ” this is blue car” “this is red car”

So we got this from Pakistan. Fawaaz can only recognize blue for now. And red only in his cars. Lets see when he picks rest.

I am using it since long time now. You can see its condition. Fawaaz can put all shapes correct but he only knows triangle, square, heart and circle if asked randomly.

But to be honest, I also did not know names of these shapes before I got this for Fawaaz 🤭 so I think it is totally ok.

These are stickers from 100 yen shop. But my laziness didn’t let fawaaz open the packet and I pretended as if this is to be read as it is. We read it like rhyme for a week or two and then finally I opened the packet in front of fawaaz, leaving him with shocked face.

We put sticker on flash cards and then I hid rest of them. *evil mom*

Fawaaz is taking interest in paper crafts these days. So whenever I need break, I give him glue, scissor and papers. I watch him doing mess while sipping tea. Baby happy mama happy. All happy.

#lazy mom


Your vision?

Everyday I am asking myself the purpose of doing what I am doing. What is my vision? Where will it take me? Am I doing things out of purpose or it is just what society is dragging me into.

If I have a purpose, is it worth pursuing? Or is it just garbage?

If we answer these questions everyday, every second. Our habit of regretting everything every time will get extremely low and we will actually start enjoying our life.

Today in class, there was a line “Destination is not the aim , process of getting there is what matters”

I highly disagree it as a Muslim.


You can think yourself.

Homeschooling experiment 3

These are some activities which I conducted last two three days. I try to do atleast one activity daily. To be honest, I need time to find activities which are appropriate for his age and I am too lazy to find.

Since my boy loves fishes and glue and pasting things, I came across this activity in which child had to paste all fishes in a bowl. The bowl which was drawn on original activity page was too small for all fishes so we made more bowls so that fishes can float easily.

He was too happy with this activity and finished within 10min and wanted more fishes. Lol.

Here is the link for activity:

I tried to print out some alphabets to make him color it but his coloring skills are MashaAllah so bad that I was constantly there teaching him but all in vain. Maybe this is not his age but he loves coloring. Good 5 mins activity.

This was abrupt not planned activity. Since he loves pasting so I had these leftover cuttings which I was going to throw in bin but Fawaaz wanted them to cut. I being a lazy woman, not wanted scissor mess, So this got me an idea.

I took paper which was also a trash as you can see fawaaz beautiful drawing on it. Then I took those strips and asked fawaaz to glue them and paste on paper. While he applying glue and I was mentoring him, I was again and again repeating the color name.

“Oh so you have yellow color. And you are pasting yellow color. Don’t paste yellow color like this. Do you want to give mama, the yellow color.”

In short, forget prepositions.

Repeat, repeat and repeat.

It was good, long and engaging activity for good 20mins.

I am not sure how much he remembered. Atleast it saved my home from mess.

Last activity of this post was a complete failure. I printed it out thinking maybe he will try to trace but he wasn’t interested. He was just making straight lines or circles.

So the question might be raising in mind that why am I posting it then. The answer is simple. It is because I wanted to show that sometime website shows that 2.5yr old can do it but your child might not be able to do.

Don’t get worried. It’s ok.

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In this post, I am going to share some activities which fawaaz’s play school conducted i.e. 2.5 years old activities.

Fan activity:

Take ink pad, Lady finger and any vegetable.

First stamp your baby’s hand as shown in picture. Then cut a red paper and white paper to make crab claws and eyes respectively . And there you go! Your crab is ready!

Other side of fan is actually vegetable stamps. Cut the lady finger or any other vegetable 🌶 🍅 🥕 🥒 into two and make its stamp on the other side of fan. I don’t like this activity personally because it has food involved. (I don’t care if it is leftover)

Well, this activity will make your child remember the names of vegetables and fruits, apparently.

The umbrella Activity:

They did this activity when it was rainy season in Japan. Fawaaz loves stickers so I am sure he must have enjoyed it a lot.

This activity will help you work on your baby’s fine motor skills and increase grasping and hand coordination skills.

Touch and Feel Activity:

So I liked this activity a lot. They showed kids how to peal the corn and then asked them to peal it.

Another day, they taught them how to peal pea pod.

Another day, they made them feel dry uncooked rice. Then after soaking in water, they asked to feel it. And then after cooking, they asked them to eat with hand so that they can feel it.

This activity helps child to relate to that fruit and vegetable and they show more willingness to eat food.

So this activity is good for your stubborn child who doesn’t want to eat anything!

Newspaper tearing:

As easy as it sounds. Give them newspaper and show them how to tear. And you sit and watch their potato faces because it is not easy for them to move each hand in different directions while holding paper between thumb and pointing finger.

This activity develops their small muscles in hands and fingers.

Coloring Activity:

They do lots of coloring activities sometimes on pictures, sketching books, or on empty paper. So if you cannot think of any activity. Give them crayons, paints and see the magic.

Take care of your walls otherwise the magic will be there too!

Other activities:

Other than these, sometimes they play with balloon and ask children not to let balloon touch the ground.

They make different cards with kids. For example, mothers day card and fathers day card. Teachers usually cut all craft materials themselves and ask kids to glue them on paper.

Sometimes they let children explore scissors and let them do mess with paper.

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Homeschooling experiment

So today I am going to make actual use of this platform apart from ranting and making this blog my burn book.

Since my kid who is 2 years and 4 months old is now taking interest in things so I have started to teach him English and Urdu alphabets little by little. Though it was not in my plan to start teaching him formally but in Japan they don’t teach English and we all know how important English is in other countries. So I decided to teach him myself until we go back to Pakistan.

May Allah Taala help me in upbringing.

I am not professional in homeschooling nor there is anyone to guide me. So I am taking help from websites and trying to experiment something on my kid. Afterall first child is always an experiment.

Since we both husband and wife are studying so books are very common in my house. So I bought some couple of random baby board books for Fawaaz when he was 8 months old and was learning to grab things. He mashaAllah very efficiently ate and tore the books from every angle.

I kept buying more books and he kept on eating and tearing them until he was 1.5 years and then he recognized that oh, this is something to read and not to eat. After this, I started to actually give him time and ask him to sit so that we can read books. And he used to sit on my laps and we used to read book which was more of flipping pages than reading. This is how books were introduced to him at an early age. Now he rarely tears any book (yes accidents still happen) . The flipping pages is still on but now, not too fast. He confidently points out images in the books and tells their names.

Moreover, I printed out some Islamic kids material such as Months in Islam, 5 pillars in Islam, some colourful duaas, alif baa taa, etc and put it in plastic file so that Fawaaz couldn’t eat it. I used to make him read from far because I didn’t want to ruin my halal time which I spent on it. Lol.

He takes interest in that too and mostly points on “months in Islam”. Because he knows mama will sing a song now =p *Clever kid*

We usually recite common duaas such as upon entering toilet, changing clothes, sleeping, waking up, eating, going out of home, coming back, etc in loud voice so that he can remember them and Alhamdullilah he now remembers duaas of sleeping , going to toilet, eating, etc.

When he was 2 years old, I took a colored paper and wrote “A” , drew apple and put it on wall. Fawaaz took interest. He cannot recognize letters yet but only images. So we are on “H” now. And now he can recognize all images Alhamdullilah which we colored together. Here is the picture

Now my aim is to make him understand and recognize letters so I am trying different activities with him.

Straw activity:

Just take two three straws, cut them with scissor. Take glue.

Make “A” and ask your kid to put glue on straws and stick them on paper.

This was a very effective activity. Atleast For a day, he remembered “A”.

But drawbacks: he took a piece of straw and put it inside the glue stick. This is how he ruined the whole glue stick MashaAllah =p

Making “A” through blocks:

We took blocks. I made “A” through it and then I sang my own creation song.

I am “A”. I am Fawaaz friend. Fawaaz made me. Yaayy yaay yaay “A”.

After doing these activities I realized, kids teach you a lot. From these activities Fawaaz taught me sabr and taught me how to do everything myself and then lie that Fawaaz made it (-_-)

P.s- please leave a comment below if you think that this post is effective in anyway. Would appreciate much