Punching Bag!

Sometimes all you need is a punching bag because you know you can’t directly punch their face out. Imaginary things sometimes give you the same pleasure with less effort and not to forget less sins.

You can never predict anyone behavior. Be it your parent or your friends or your siblings. When you can deceive yourself how can you expect someone else to do things that you expect. Life is unpredictable so are the people. Everything can come back to you. Everything is mend-able but you can’t mend broken-trust.

There is a quote I would love to share:
“If only our tongues were made up of glasses, how much more careful we would be when we speak.”


Think thousand times before sharing any word with anyone. No one can feel what you feel. Always remember no one can replace YOU. Be your own hero! Everyone in this Dunya is here to ruin your life in some way or other.

Believe in Allah and support that person who truly Believes in Allah. No doubt your company makes who you are.


Splashhh! Finally it rained!

Today, I didn’t have my camera when it rained. Even though I missed it too much, the positivity of the moment was that I got ample time to think, observe and watch people looking towards the sky and wiggling their toes in the freshly poured water. Whether it was from a sense of rebellion, or a genuinely enjoyable moment, I could see that they were perfectly happy being wet and most importantlyI loved enjoying the sight of blooming faces, the fresh flowers and last but not least the smell of wet sand. I felt the gentle petrichor, that blissful smell of earth when it quenches its thirst.

While walking through the rain, I observed the drops of rain making their space in the puddle. As a drop touched the puddle, it vibrated the whole puddle, a small ring was made and then emerged a big ring within it and in seconds that drop was lost somewhere in the water. No more existence. No more identity.

Accidently I stomped my foot down hard in a puddle <pachhh>. The drop that was lost somewhere in the puddle came jumping and splashing on my shoes leaving them all wet. My initial reaction was a cringe.  I was like “Shit! My shoes are all wet now!”. The bothersome feeling of a soaked sock was inevitable but then I spent the rest of the walk splashing through every puddle we came across because I knew my shoes were already wet and I couldn’t do anything about it.

A thought struck my mind that moment, Trust is also like a drop of rain. Slowly and gradually trust makes space in a person life and that person completely comes to terms with it. At one point, he forgets that you were once a stranger. If even by accident that trust is broken, you start breaking everyone’s’ trust because of the deception you went through. You take revenge by deceiving others.

Well that was a random thought that occurred to me . The clouds vanished, leaving the beautiful artistic sky clear. The birds started chirping again. We walked, stretched our hands, laughed and finally got home after tolerating bad traffic jam and water pools.

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Believe, Trust, Change!

Change is that abstract feeling which is inevitable. Not everyone fancies it but you have to adapt it. You have to find ways in order to forget the past get over it and move on for what is waiting for you.

Sometimes even when we are happy, we have something to worry about whether it ‘s about lack of personal achievements , regrets of the past, choices we have made for the future or the troubles of others we took on ourselves.

Sometimes it seems impossible to put a finger on the real problem bothering us or sometimes we know the reason but we pretend to be unaware of ourselves. Sometimes eliminating the perceived problem still leaves us discontented or disappointed.  I guess that is the time to change you.

There are times in your life when you don’t want any change and when you want everything as it is. When life forces you to make sometimes crucial and sometimes controversial change, that is the exact time you know who you can put your trust in. You know who you can rely on while changing directions. None other than Almighty Allah (s.w.t)

Relying on Allah and having a strong faith in Him helps to make changes smoother and crucial decisions easier. Trust him, Have Faith in him and see the reason as to why He wants to take you through this changing process and realize that whatever He does is for a reason. Believe in Him and He’ll give you all the understanding, reasons, solutions and wisdom you’ll ever need even in the midst of your u-turn.