Allahs Love

Ten steps towards Allahs love.
1- INCREASE IN ZIKR. Jo insaan jis say ziada muhabbat kerta hai, us ka zikr bhi utna hi kerta hai.
2- TILAWAT OF QURAN- with tadabur and tafakur with some qualified teacher. ( Learning Tafseer of Quran is like diving into sea)
3- NAWAFIL– “jab jab banda nawafil parhta hai tu mujh say aur qareeb hjata hai”. Life is about extras. Koi bhi relation acha kerna hai us k liay you have to do extras.
4-ALLAH KO HER CHEZ PER FOQIYAT DENA- jab dunya or Allah ki baat a jaee tu Allah ko pick kia jae. Jab dunya ka pressure hoo tu dekhoo k Allah ko khush kerna hai ya Allah ko.
5-ALLAH KI SIFAAT P GOR KERNA– Insan ki fitrat hai k jab ussay kisi ki achiaan pata chal jaeen tu automatically woh banda acha lagnay lagjata hai
7- DIL TOTTA HAI TU ALLAH KI MUHABBAT BARHTI HAi- “May totay hoay dil k qareeb hoon”
8- KHALWAT MAY ALLAH KO YAAD KERNA- Tahajud is like a blank cheque. When you are alone, you get to know YOU
9-BREAK AWAY SHACKLES AND HURDLES– Allah ki mohabbat panay k liay beach k her chezoo ko zindgi say nikalain. We don’t have two hearts k aik dunya ko day dain or aik deen ko dai dain. Allah won’t enter a heart which is already occupied.
10-TO SPEND TIME WITH ALLAH WALAY– Suhbat is must. Yeh sirrf kitabay parhnay say nahi ati. You become what you spend time with.


What takes away our happiness…

“Look at children. Of course they may quarrel, but generally speaking they do not harbor ill feelings as much or as long as adults do. Most adults have the advantage of education over children, but what is the use of an education if they show a big smile while hiding negative feelings deep inside? Children don’t usually act in such a manner. If they feel angry with someone, they express it, and then it is finished. They can still play with that person the following day.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Let’s take a scenario, two friends probably aged 10 fought… why? One of the friend said to the other that her dress doesn’t look good; the other friend got hurt and started crying. Now this is quite a big deal between 10 year olds, don’t you think? Yet the former friend apologized and consoled for her act because she felt bad and the fact that she made her friend cry affected her. They hugged each other and were back to what THEY WERE-“GOOD FRIENDS”

It is amazing how children will always be better than what we will EVER be. They have the greatest personalities of all, they have the decency to forgive, to let go and to makes things ever happy no matter what the situation is. As we’re growing older, our thinking has become stagnant and isolated rather than open and liberated. It’s like we are advancing with age but our minds have shrunk.

We are people who never see two sides to a story, or believe that our beliefs apply to everybody, and most of all we can’t see the world from another perspective. We have chosen ego centrism as our way of life. We have to admit that if it’s associated with ego, then it’s not for the soul. Why has materialism taken over healthy relationships? We seek individualism and selfishness over things that initially mean the world to us. We choose those things and those actions which can be better off for us.

We start producing hatred for the ones who try to make things normal. We think asking and giving clarifications or explanations will make things complicated. We think it will not resolve the problem but will aggravate it. That’s where we are wrong. We don’t realize life is too short to have grudges in heart. It is too short to fill yourself with ego. It is too short to lose the ones YOU LOVE.

It’s pretty distressing to see how people make relationships worse just because they’re too stuck up to admit their own mistakes or because they can’t get over their egoistic issues.

Darul Sukoon- The home of hope!

Out of many small wishes, one of my wish was to spend time with the orphans, old and with the disable people. Recently I got a chance to fulfill my wish and I visited Darul Sukoon as a photographer of a small event with a team of YLC who promised to spread smiles and happiness with them. There reside children and some old age people who are mentally and physically disable.

The team members played with them, danced with them, sang with them, listened to their small adorable wishes and gave gifts and goodies. All the people of Darul Sukoon were amazing, the way they care for each other and the way they protect each other was worth noticing.

When speaking to a person of management, she told me that parents of these children leave them here when they realize that they are disabled. She told that they give reasons that they don’t have enough money to bring them up but they lie to hide the truth. When I asked if these children miss their parents, she smiled and said these children are now our own children. We know them and they only know us. This is their home. They don’t know that the word “parents” exist but they know that “love” exist and they live on this hope. A tear flicked down my cheek which a four year old boy wiped it off and proved the above statement right.

I went to explore the well maintained and decorated building and saw an employee feeding the boy whose feet were tied with the bed and his eyes were frightened. I asked why he was tied when he is in a cot with rods taller than the normal height. He said, “He is very hyper. Once he climbed it and went to take a hot boiling water bath. I reached on the spot else he wouldn’t be alive today”. The boy was continuously looking at me while I was talking to the employee. I smiled at him and said “Kioo bhaee kioo gaee ap?” <Why? Why you went there?> The boy looked, smiled and started telling me whole story in his own special language. The employee told he is very choosy person and once he choose and starts talking, he doesn’t stop. You can leave whenever you want. I smiled and keep listening to him because I felt there was a need there.

Altogether there were smiling, sad, frightened and the needy faces. All of them wanted only one thing that is a hand to hold, an ear to listen to them, a mouth to cherish their beauty and a heart to love them endlessly. They all were innocent. What was moving for us was the way these children looked up at us, the way they gave us thousand dollar smile, the way they played, danced and the excitement they had in their twinkling eyes while opening the presents and showing them off to their friends. They had the manners which a normal person doesn’t have. They are taught to be hospitable and to be warming.

These children proved that though we are blessed with all the abilities yet we have made ourselves disables. We made our condition worst by ourselves. We do have the heart but of stone whereas these people have the heart of gold.

The team of YLC


Ever felt what you are doing is wrong but you still persist in doing it? Ever wondered what is the force behind compelling you to do those things? Did you ever feel yourself out of your own control? Why always search for hope and hanging for what one can’t achieve? Why the hardest thing for one is to say how I feel, to explain what is hurting me, to ask for help? Why the people lie to themselves?

There are many times when you don’t understand yourself. You feel someone else inside you doing all the things. You pretend what you are not and you utter what you never mean to speak. The way you talk and do things go beyond your expectations and set limits. You are well aware of the consequences, yet you cross the limits. You astonish yourself by the act you perform. You do things that you once condemn. You lie to yourself saying there wasn’t any other way out or that’s the best option I could have chosen.

You deceive yourself and then weave web to tangle others in it. You lie to satisfy your own need. We lie about which we lie that we are not liars. We all are liars. We live in a world built on promises; constructed by liars. A person is known to be unpredictable and we prove it for ourselves too.

Remember no matter how big or small the lie is, in the end, it will remain a lie!  Stop deceiving yourself and others. Remove the veil in front of your eyes. STOP BLUFFING YOURSELF!

I admit I lied. I am a criminal. I did mistake. I am sorry. I am realizing it. I wanted a reason and now I got it. Won’t ever do this again because I won’t ever leave myself in this case. I have removed my veil and now I know IT’S OVER!


Exhale LOVE!

Close your eyes, breathe in, breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the air going from your nose in your chest then from your chest to the nose and out. Feel the breathe exiting your heart and listen the sound of breathe telling your heart that the pain will heal. It will replenish itself.  It will endure all the pain without letting anyone know about it.

Curve your lips. Tell yourself you are your own best friend and you are the best in the world. Sometimes heaps and heaps of words can easily be hidden under the curve of lips. Those who try to uncover those words, do it anyway.

Everyone has their own priorities and you can’t do anything about it. Remember this world needs light. You can either be a shadow which adds the darkness or a light which can give a shadow.

Inhale all the pain and darkness inside and Exhale love out. To heal yourself and to heal the world. SMILE!

“When burdens are heavy on our shoulders and darkness is all we see, when the sun had set over our light of day, and dreams had to vanish within the pale sky, it’s just not over yet, gather up the ashes and look ahead, wipe away your tears, it’s not your fault”- Samar Saleh