Well if you are sitting idle and have nothing to do then read this otherwise you will really waste your time. I am in my rubbish mood so what ever I will write will be rubbish. Because I am in a mood to be an overflowing dustbin who is throwing out rubbish outside. Yeh! HOW rubbish!

Yes, Sometimes I just don’t want to think about anything and anyone. What I care about is things done. I become selfish. I become heart-less. I know people betrays so I don’t even give a damn. I know this world is going to end one day so why to give a damn to these people. I assume thinking about these people is wasting my time. You know what.. It is not actually I assume; it is actually what is going to happen. This world will end and so will the people and so will be me. Why not to stay happy till then? Why to cook yourself on full flame when you know it will be you who will get burnt and no one else. Why to give yourself pain and headache. Do your things yourself. Stop asking for favors. Don’t ask anyone else but ask God to grant you everything you need. He is the one who can help you and will help you.

Smile and make others smile. Have good feelings about everyone because you never know this will be your last second on this earth. Yeh! This sentence is bitter to hear but it is bitter truth which needs to be digested and which needs to be in your brain all time to have yourself on track. People might criticize you for saying these words but leave them. People criticize in anyway, they are born to criticize. What ever.

Screw people who tries to screw you. Ignore them. They will always be screwing. Sometimes life acts as a screwer but you can’t just run away from it. Infact you stay and face it strongly. Try to divert your mind from those things which are displeasing.

And about being selfish. Sometimes I love being one. I can do anything for people I love . And i love myself. Yes I do. And I love to throw everything out because I don’t want to die with things in my heart. Yes I don’t want!

I just remembered that I own a personal diary which should be burnt before I die. OPPPS!


Well gotta go.

Rubbish Certified


Right Place at Right Time!



What would have happened if God would have provided us everything we want? Would we have remembered him? Would there be any connection between God and us?

If you think over it, we only remember God when we are in need, when we are weary and in need of strength, when we are lost and sick at heart, we remember Him. For some reasons, God has deprived us of things we want. There is always a reason behind His acts. It is our responsibility to find those reasons. And to find them, we have to build close connections with THE ONE who created us, who has the authority to do anything and who controls everything.

You should believe that your wish will be granted at the right time and at the right place. We are the creatures of the ONE who loves his creation more than 70 mothers can do to their children. What else can you expect from Him?

Unsatisfied Wishes!


Okay so it is just a random post. I didn’t write for so long. I was missing my blog. I was missing writing. Like I didn’t quit writing but those words were not appropriate to be in public! 😀

Okay so Life is fast. You never know where it will lead you next moment. One wrong step and you can ruin your life and one more step and you can be in heaven. It is just unpredictable. You wish and again you wish. By the time God fulfills our wish; we already start wishing for something else. This is what human is “Always Unsatisfied”, always craving for more and more. We act like greedy, asking for more and more. Today this, tomorrow something else. This is what human nature is.

I wonder what actually wish is? An urge? A desire? An abstract feeling that goes with time. It is something we want badly and can do anything for it, can cross every limit for it. But by the time we get it, it looses its importance and becomes secondary for us. So, Can’t we say that wish is a desire for a particular “phase of life”? As soon as that phase ends, something else becomes important for us.

What I am noticing is that these all are just our “worldy wishes” in which nothing and no one is important. Everything looses its value one day. That day can be today or tomorrow.

“hazaroo khawahishain aese k her khawahish p dam niklaY
Buhat niklay meray armaan pher bhi kuch kaam niklay!”

You will always want more and more. Remember every wish gets over when you either get it or your phase gets over. Simple!

Okay I just realized I have written all about wishes. Let me name this “Unsatisfied Wishes” 😛

Splashhh! Finally it rained!

Today, I didn’t have my camera when it rained. Even though I missed it too much, the positivity of the moment was that I got ample time to think, observe and watch people looking towards the sky and wiggling their toes in the freshly poured water. Whether it was from a sense of rebellion, or a genuinely enjoyable moment, I could see that they were perfectly happy being wet and most importantlyI loved enjoying the sight of blooming faces, the fresh flowers and last but not least the smell of wet sand. I felt the gentle petrichor, that blissful smell of earth when it quenches its thirst.

While walking through the rain, I observed the drops of rain making their space in the puddle. As a drop touched the puddle, it vibrated the whole puddle, a small ring was made and then emerged a big ring within it and in seconds that drop was lost somewhere in the water. No more existence. No more identity.

Accidently I stomped my foot down hard in a puddle <pachhh>. The drop that was lost somewhere in the puddle came jumping and splashing on my shoes leaving them all wet. My initial reaction was a cringe.  I was like “Shit! My shoes are all wet now!”. The bothersome feeling of a soaked sock was inevitable but then I spent the rest of the walk splashing through every puddle we came across because I knew my shoes were already wet and I couldn’t do anything about it.

A thought struck my mind that moment, Trust is also like a drop of rain. Slowly and gradually trust makes space in a person life and that person completely comes to terms with it. At one point, he forgets that you were once a stranger. If even by accident that trust is broken, you start breaking everyone’s’ trust because of the deception you went through. You take revenge by deceiving others.

Well that was a random thought that occurred to me . The clouds vanished, leaving the beautiful artistic sky clear. The birds started chirping again. We walked, stretched our hands, laughed and finally got home after tolerating bad traffic jam and water pools.

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3Ws- Who, Where, What?

I always ask myself WHO AM I? Where am I? What I am? But never get any answer. But I felt…

I am surrounded by my closed ones who involve relatives and my friends and some others too. I am standing trying to see far away. I can see my desired goals in front of me. I can even see my hobbies and my interests within my reach. I know I can grab all of them. In fact I have ALREADY grabbed most of them. I am holding them in my hands. I can feel them there.. but.. they keep on slipping from my hands.

If something drops, I try to pick it up! But sometimes it’s difficult to pick it back. There are also times when my whole power just drain out to AGAIN pick it up! Whenever any wanderer come, he give it back to me but most of them come and take it with them leaving me barehanded again.

I am not able to keep it near me..I just can’t…There is a huge see-through sheet in front of me acting as a barrier with wide hole at mid of it through which I can take only my hands out. I have grabbed everything from this small hole.. This sheet isn’t allowing me to achieve what I want. I can see everything from that stained sheet. My interests, achievements… people who are achieving. I wish to be there… I want to achieve too…I want to excel too…I know I can do…I have potential to do …but…I can JUST SEE!

Ammm… Yes! I can easily take my hands out of it but I will have to drop everything which took lots of struggle and almost my whole life to collect. I tried to break this barrier many times but failed. I am on mercy of others. I want someone else to break this sheet, I want someone to hold my things and ask me to get out of it. I want someone to hold my hand and show me the path otherwise I will have to go back where I was. The place called “STONEAGE” where I will have to again sit in corner. Afraid of everyone!  Afraid to compete!

But then I think there is no use if THAT someone comes. What can one person do when a strong force is behind me pulling? Wanting me to leave everything and come back? Want me to leave my goals, my achievements?? Isn’t allowing me to take step?

I am holding my Interests, I am TRYING to hold them all…but constant pulling from them isn’t allowing me to have a tight hold on them. A person who see me trying, who see that this person really wants to do something comes and encourages me …gives me some suggestions… and go… Some come and pull me hard, they are the one who really want to see me get out of it but who can wait for long? Others criticize and discourage twice the previous ones encouraged and go! They do their work leaving me standing all HOPELESS!

This is how my life is passing with many up and downs..I can feel that gradually I am losing all my courage, all positivity which was in me. I want to give up everything. Every little thing I do.

These are the thoughts of an empty vessel, the me who tries to grab everything within reach, tries to climb all the mountains alone, tries to hoop through all struggles by myself without realizing that God is the only one who could do that….But then I consider again and think closely….that’s when I see a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope and the ability to achieve.. That’s through MY FAITH IN GOD!… He is who makes me something, shows me the path and guides me to destinations where I achieve what I want. There is no person that could ever do that, it’s just the power of my God…and trust me real Faith is where it’s ALL at. Without Him,

Who am I? I am NO ONE,

Where am I? NO WHERE

What I am? Absolutely NOTHING