Questions to ponder upon!

What has happened to me? Why I am not the same one? Am I changing or it is just the people perception? If I am changing then is it a good change or a bad change? Where is my life turning? Am i heading towards where I should be headed or have I gone astray? Am I ready to die? Have I done enough to qualify the final examination of Akhirah? What if i die right now ? Am I satisfied with my life? Is my life satisfied with me?

Questions to ponder upon for you and for me.


Questions to ponder upon.


Post to self in silence…

Silent post for the silent tears that shed behind these silent eyes because of sealed lips that are poisoner for the betterment of surrounding. It’s a silent post to remind myself not to give up. To tell myself that no one will give their shoulder to cry until and unless you will tell them what is the problem instead of just telling that you have problem. Not everyone is like a doctor who just needs to know that you have a problem and he will suggest the solution. You need to change yourself and SPEAK UP! No one will know himself that behind this CHATTER BOX and smiling eyes are the unspoken words and tears.

Why you always forget that problems are here to examine you and to test you. You will have to tolerate them. This post is to remind you that you don’t need anyone else to survive. No one is ever going to always be there no matter what ever promise they have made to you. JUST ACCEPT IT!.. YOU CAME ALONE you will GO ALONE. It is a continuous process. You will get over everyone one day .
This post is to ask you some serious questions which require answers!

Q- When this mood will last? Its already two days!
Q- Why you always shed your tears when you know its of no use? it’s for stupid reason? <though I know they ain’t stupid… wateva!>
Q- Why to have attachments when you know that you will be one regretting it once again?
Q- Most important when are u going to “express these emotions” and stop expressing stupid ones which is taken as an entertainment <and u know this v.well>
Q- last but not least WHY WRITING?