People say behavior is something which comes in response to how you treat them. I would like to make some additions in it. People treat you with respect as long as you’re giving them what they want. Once you do something other than what they want, get ready for the consequences!

You know what!!? I wish I could hide somewhere around you to see how you act with your friends. What is your behavior with them?  I actually want to know is it me who is retard or are you? Because spending time with you is like getting in depression, feeling inferiority complex and not to forget feeling like as if some biggest crime of the world has been committed by me.

Today I realized something. Today I got to know that you don’t have to think what to write. Just meet a person who can demotivate you to the core and there you go! Writing and Ranting!

Blah blah…






You look ahead and you see a face you didn’t recognize. You feel alone. You face everything alone. You realize that this life is to live alone. Awkwardly staring at the wall. Tears dripping down cheeks. No reason. No fear. Its you and you. Either you die or live, no one knows. You are the creator of your own ways. Keep it to your self. Your hands are cuffed. Your mouth is gagged. Once you speak, you will be jailed and will be made dumb.

You want isolation after telling your problems or freedom after struggling against your problems. Choice is in your hands.



Leave me quiet. Leave me alone. No, I don’t want to speak. I am good like this. Lips zipped. I don’t want to explain. I don’t want to clarify anything. Sometimes it is worthless to explain things. We feel tired of explaining. It is just useless. It is just known as ranting when you speak in anger. You throw bombs on others which don’t even explode. You utter words trying to explain things to people yet every little struggle you do to explain go in vein. Actually everything you say comes on you like a hoarded monster waiting for you to say a word and it will torture you with those words till you die. It is like digging grave for your own.

No use to make people happy when you know in order to make someone happy, you will have to offend someone else. This is life’s ritual or you can say custom of life. Everyone is dependent on other. If you think that you can do wonders on your own then you are wrong. It is your figment of imagination.

But what does it mean? You keep piling things on?? Waiting for the right moment to blow up? Meanwhile you keep burning inside? No, I don’t think this is the solution. Solution is simple yet we have made it difficult. We feel shame to do that act. We think this will make us small. But it is not like that. Take it in. Take everything inside. Clear all your mind and heart and bow down your head in front of Allah. Have brief conversation with The Almighty Allah. Who created you. Talk to Him. Tell him all the worries. Tell him, EXPLAIN him. And after elucidating EVERYTHING make HIM responsible to patch up things. Say it in your words “ALLAH do this for me” and believe HIM that HE will do and sit back, relax and see the magic.