I don’t know if this is the matter with me or with everyone else. I usually feel useless. I feel that I have just wasted my whole life and I am going to do the same in my future. I feel hopeless and incompetent. I want to do something new but I see so many unsaid challenges in front me.

Why can’t one go for what HE desires? Why we have to look for the society no matter how much we avoid? Why can’t we choose the right path knowing that we are wrong? Why it hurt us? Why our ego come between us? 

I don’t understand what am I doing with my life or what I am going to do or what I have done. I feel standing like a blank idiot. Everyone has an ULTIMATE purpose of life for which they plan their life accordingly and act accordingly. What is the purpose of what I am doing? Okay, If i say I know my purpose. So now what is the plan? How should I plan. What should I do. Who will let me do? 

I know it is pure ala kisam ki baqwasiat. You won’t understand. Thank you.


Innocent Futures Floating!

Did you ever think what would happen to you if you were forced to do work at the age of 10 when actually you are supposed to live your life to the fullest?

It is that age when we are carefree, fun-loving, learning, playing and enjoying the life. Child Labor should not be considered any trivial issue of our country because on every street you see child begging, having a huge sack on his back, polishing shoes or taking drugs!!

Whenever we go back in time to our childhood, there are always beautiful memories but there are many who hate their childhood. The target of child labor tries his best to get out of the everyday torture by others. Some manage to get out and make their lives better, but many continue to stand where they are, not out of choice, but forced. Having been forced to kill their aspirations, dreams and other wishes, they are pressed to earn a living for themselves and for their families.

Every year, millions of children across the world are becoming helpless targets of atrocities. They are the sufferers of ill-treatment, exploitation, and brutality. The consequences of child abuse are overwhelmingly disturbing. It denies a child its basic right-education. Often child who are being abused in their childhood are more likely to abuse their own children in future, and due to the deep impact in the future generation, they would do the same thing and hence the cycle goes on.

It is universally accepted that poverty is the cause of child labor. However it is seen that some child workers are from relatively affluent families are engaged in this business for excitement and pocket money. In this country, Pakistan, education is not the priority but they want their children to succeed. Here, people have the concept that more experience means more money. Think about it. How can a person earn enough money if he doesn’t have its basic know how?

There is an old saying that “child is a father of tomorrow”. It simply translates that childhood is the stage at which a child can develop its senses. It is the stage when a child wants a “Right guide” so that he may explores his creative mind. Child labor is a crime against humanity. It is an inhuman practice that stops the physical and mental growth.

When we go to any restaurant to have dinner, When often see many children working there. Those innocent children do not clean those tables happily. Instead, those children who have spark in their eyes are forced to work there by their parents. The twinkle or spark shows that they also want to live their lives like other children. But, unfortunately, they are never exposed to the real happiness of childhood. After all how can he live when he is being shown the wrong path?

When we meet a boy like them, we often give him a pat on his back and press a five-rupee coin on his palm as a formality to satisfy our guilt. But we never sit with such a child and give him advice. We never make him feel that we are really there to help him, so that he may feel comfortable in telling us his problems.


If we want to do anything to prevent child labor then we have to target these children, not their parents. These children are not mature, they are not sensible enough to choose their path. If we want any change, we have to target the main segment.

Child labor is a complex issue that raises questions that are difficult to answer. The solution to child labor could come only with a change in our hearts. We have money, we have courage, we have strength, but what we don’t have is the space for these children in our heart. We need to educate people that how unfair and unjust is to employ a child labor.

If a child is born in a poor family, it doesn’t mean that his future will always be poor. He must have some aims and ambitions. Narrating a quote, “Achievements are not only for the rich, but for poor also”. This quote simply says that dreams are not only for the rich! Poor can also have them. They can also aim for something. They only want a support to achieve them and no doubt, we can be the support for them-supporting, not by employing them but by educating them, as education is the key of success.

The “least” we could do as an individual is that whenever we find a child in any kind of complexity, we help him. We have ample amount of pocket money to spend on ourselves. What if we give half of it to the one who really deserves? Now, you may think that no one deserves. But, do you really know their lives?? Do you live with them?? Try to put yourself in their boots. If you try to find one, you`ll definitely find one!

Present or for Future?

I think we should live for present and not for future. Have you ever noticed how you can look forward to something for so long, and then all of a sudden it’s upon you, and then it’s gone? I think that should teach us that life is to be lived one day at a time, and in the present.

Life is not the future. Life is the present. If the future takes up so much of your time and mental energy that it becomes more important than what is happening now, you are missing out on what it means to actually live. You are missing the journey. You are missing your life!When you finally get to your destination you will feel nothing.

Constantly sacrificing the now for a better future is a bad habit. You will continue to do it until the day you die. When you reach one goal, you will not be satisfied and will start looking towards the next goal and sacrificing the now for yet another future.

If you’re living in the past, you can’t do anything about it, it’s gone. If you’re worrying about the future, you’re living somewhere that doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet. If you want to change your life, the only place you can do it is in the present.

Living fully in the present moment means that your awareness is completely centered on the here and now. You are not worrying about the future or thinking about the past. When you live in the present, you are living where life is happening. The past and future are illusions, they don’t exist. As the saying goes “tomorrow never comes”. Tomorrows is only a concept, tomorrow is always waiting to come around the corner, but around that corner are shadows, never to have light shed upon, because time is always now.

Moreover, If you’re living in the present, you’re living in acceptance. You’re accepting life as it is now, not as how you wish it would have been. When you’re living in acceptance, you realize everything is complete as it is. You can forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, and you can have peace in your heart knowing that everything that should happen will happen.

Concluding my essay by saying If God has hide future from us, there must be a reason behind it!. So live in the now and make brief visits to the past and the future when it is appropriate. It’s important to visualize and expect a bright future. But if you dwell on the future too much, you will be unhappy and unfulfilled because you will never actually get there. The future by definition does not exist. It is the future. It’s a moving target, always out of your reach. It really doesn’t exist.

I spent many years killing myself for a better future. The future never arrived. It just moved. Balanced awareness, heavily weighted to the now, is the real key to your true happiness.