Life and its diplomacy!

“The reality of life is that your perceptions — right or wrong — influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place”

Birkman, Roger

If you are able to read it, it means you live a luxurious life because of having a computer to use and to have internet to read this article. There is always a day when your life shows you the practical side. You never get to know the hardships your parents faced in bringing you up until and unless you go through that process and the stage.

These are some of those days in which I am realizing, absorbing and digesting some of the hard realities of life. The biggest reality of life which I always denied, the reality that money is an important element of life to remain happy. The reality that you can’t get a job with a handsome salary after spending thousands on your education.

I have now come out of my books and learnt the real meaning of inflation and its impact on low class people and most importantly the differentiation of classes. I always had misconception that after spending around 3 lac in some private university will get you a job of at least 50k but it was just my figment of imagination. Life is not easy nor the method of acquiring money.

The reality of a common middle man is to work 9 to 5pm like a donkey and still pray not to have shortage of money at the end of the month. He cuts down his budget to nurture his children. He buries his own needs somewhere deep hidden from everyone while the short and easy definition of low class category is they live hand to mouth. No saving, No change in lifestyle, and a life no one would ever want to live.

When you get out of your home to explore the world, you will get to know that life is not a piece of cake. You can’t have everything as soon as you ask for. If you are able to do anything with your father’s references, you don’t need to be proud of it because it’s not you; it’s your father who should be given a credit. You are just a piece of shit without them. Get out of this glittery world and taste the harsh side of the world. The Real side!

Life is just a diplomatic game. Be a Politician and win it!


Feelings of Inter Passed Students


Deciding field is one of the most crucial factors in your life, which need no emphasis. As a student who has passed inter know the feelings of other students who are ready to start their university life. Hence to assist others, I am sharing my own experience in this article.

It all started of when I gave the last paper of inter exams. Initially, I thought that was the day on which I became free, but I realized it later that it was just a beginning of a new problem; the problem of what to choose!! People starts interfering, giving their “unwanted” opinions to do this, to do that. I don’t know why people poke their nose when they are useless. They just recommended what they knew, what they liked, without considering the one who actually had to experience it. C’mon man! Let the person choose himself.

Many didn’t miss a chance to demoralize me before my Second Year result. People didn’t consider my percentage while counseling me. When I forced them to consider, they started giving disappointed statements. Itni percentage? Mushkil hai barhna..Dekhlo.I used to hate this word “Dekhlo”. On one hand, they were leaving on me about what to do; and on the other hand, they were forcing me to do what they considered right.

Once the Inter result was declared, it seemed that someone had locked me in a “maze” where there were many streets and many hurdles, and everyone was telling from outside about their favorite street, not keeping in mind my conditions. For example, one of my relatives stressed me to go for fashion designing. When I told him that I and my father are not at all interested in it, he said sarcastically “OH Acha”. This was the time when I realized that the person, whom I am referring to, was not at all eligible for the counseling. Similarly, another one said “Go for Home economics”! This was the time when I really wanted to punch their face out. I wanted to ask what their problem is. This is not their life. This is mine. I have to live my future. I have to live my life. They don’t have to!

Generally, if you secure less percentage, you are forced to hear disappointed statements from your parents as well as from those who don’t pay even a single part in helping in your studies. Or, even if you, luckily, secure a percentage higher than that of the previous one, you are blessed with more so-called “suggestions” rather than useful appreciation. Only few asked my wish while counseling me. Someone asked what “you” want to do? I was very happy that at least someone is interested in knowing my interest. I told that my mind is towards BBA or Engineering. There, I came across different notions.“BBA??Now a days, everyone is doing BBA. So, don’t choose that”….“Engineering?? No that is man-dominating field, chalo agar tum chali bhi gaeen what will u choose?

Lastly, I decided to follow the golden rule “Hearing all but doing what I want”. I just prioritize my family and my closed ones and asked pros n cons of BBA and Engineering. Finally, I made any mind for BBA. No readers, that was not the end, that was a beginning of a new problem. Not my problem indeed, problem of those who loved to poke their nose everywhere. Their new question comes.”Oh! so you decided to do BBA. From which university?”

Oh Bhai, why are “you” so interested in someone’s life?

See When you don’t know my financial condition, When you don’t know my family background then why are you tying me to enter the specific university? You don’t have have to pay for me nor I am asking you to pay.

I want to end my article by saying, for an inter student, this is the most horrible phase of life, where one come to know how confused he/she actually is. I do admit that all this mess may not be so horrible for those who have high aims but sometimes you have to put your interest aside (exceptions). It is not always possible to do of your interest. Hence, being neutral would be better at this stage. Not only me, my friends, the people I know(hello hi ones) all are in same state. All are depressed. Some are in tension because what they aimed for, is rejected by their parents, others don’t have enough money. Those who have both things don’t have required result.

Today we are tensed, confuse, sick of all this. Inshallah we will laugh on this condition of ours in the future. Today, there maybe good future…In future, it may not have that importance. Think about it!

Last but not least: “FACE your past with REGRET, HANDLE your present with CONFIDENCE, and PREPARE yourself for the future without any FEAR

Best of luck!