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Youth- A TIME in a LIFETIME!

Youth comes once in a life-time and never leaves our conscience completely. It is like a scar which leaves its indelible mark underneath our skin. It’s like a soil that relives every time it rains. Every time an individual makes a difference or does something outstanding, the scar appears fresh and the juvenile seems like a recent memory. It is not something we have control over, it sticks to us!

Whenever I tell my mother about our so-called “fun”, she always relates it to their time. Do you really think that people in the past were all very decent and innocent? It’s a hidden fact that every grandfather must have eyed a girl in a red dress who had her eyes messily outlined with eye liner and hair tied in a cross style bun with a jasmine bud on the higher corner of her ear. On the other hand, Grandfathers in KURTA PAJAMAs with hair parted and tightly pressed with oil so that not even one hair can change its place stands on roof top or climbs mango trees just to have a look at that girl!

For a moment, replace the whole scenario with today’s generation, nothing has changed except climbing trees and the mustard oil. Youth is as delightful now at it was then and it will always be. It is a period in which we either make our life or completely ruin it. It is that destination where we reach in a very short span of time, we reach to the edge of it and upon reaching the very edge we spread our wings and fly…!

Youth is a time when we answer many of our questions and leave many of our questions unanswered. It
is that period of life in which either everything feels too good or everything seems pathetic! There isn’t any moderate flow in youth. It is that point in life which we are easily deceived because it is too quick to hope, to expect and TO TRUST!

They say youth is best time to be rich and to be poor. It’s the period where we become completely hopeless because every day is like a drama that has an extremely dramatic ending. Words hurt, they do matter…In fact everything matters at this age.

Youth might be like “just a moment “when compared to the whole life but its impact is far beyond imagination because youth is a bubble in which we live having to unwillingly accept the unwanted changes that can burst you inside out if gone wrong.

Youth is that stage of life which can make Pakistan’s future. If we lead on the right path, it will prosper else the result will be completely opposite. Us youth can take it to ends where all we can find is success and respect. Quoting a quote “there is a fountain of youth; it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”