The force behind my success!


I was flipping my diary pages back to 2009 where I found a “surprising” prominent name on almost every page. The person who motivated me, who showed me my dreams and who told me my goals. This person not only pointed out these things but accompanied me till I achieved them.  This person is the one who used to fight with me at silly matters. We acted as “Tom and Jerry” most of the time running after one another, teasing and irritating.

When I was mounting the obstacles to achieve my goal, this person gave me space to mingle with others and silently remained at the back patting my shoulder, giving me green signals and encouraging me to move forward. And today when I was whining how I got the title, he AGAIN played his part and reminded me of my goal “to be recognized as an official writer” which I proved to be. 

Sometimes we forget to acknowledge those people who are always by our side supporting and motivating. We indulge in those people who simply tell us the address to reach a destination and leave rest on us to solve out. These are the people that help you reach the moon and then throw you over with a bang!!!

Today people ask my name and the next thing they ask is “The writer?” This was the dream I saw 3 years back and now this is the time I proudly say “Yes! Wafa Tariq- The Writer”

Thank you Abdullah bhai! 🙂



Character is who you are!

Don't give up on anyone...It hurts!

‎”Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are, your reputation is who people think you are.” 

I know this is just a random quote of which everyone is aware of. The reason I am writing is to explain the readers what it actually means and how motivating this quote is…

Sometimes we get too caught up in what people think about us that we forget to know about what and who really matters in our life. For example, we forget that there are  people who love us for who we really are down inside our hearts.

In order to not worry about our reputations, we have to live our own lives, being confident in the goals we have set for ourselves, and also being confident in the fact that everyone may not like US or OUR GOALS and maybe everyone will not believe in what exactly we are doing but we will have to move on.Leaving everyone behind.

If we do what is right for ourselves, there is truly not even a single thing, person, or situation in this world that can stop us from being where we want to be, and who we want to be. Life will throw many obstacles at us in order to try to deter us from the places and from the growth. There will be many tests in life, but one test we should never fail is a test of our character. There will be many events which will force you to change. Stay confident, stay focused, believe in yourself. We should always be who we really are deep down inside, at all times, never let life make you live as a person that you really AREN’T…

‎”Being yourself is like showing your soul to the world, being somebody else is like showing your shadow in the dark.”