Allahs Love

Ten steps towards Allahs love.
1- INCREASE IN ZIKR. Jo insaan jis say ziada muhabbat kerta hai, us ka zikr bhi utna hi kerta hai.
2- TILAWAT OF QURAN- with tadabur and tafakur with some qualified teacher. ( Learning Tafseer of Quran is like diving into sea)
3- NAWAFIL– “jab jab banda nawafil parhta hai tu mujh say aur qareeb hjata hai”. Life is about extras. Koi bhi relation acha kerna hai us k liay you have to do extras.
4-ALLAH KO HER CHEZ PER FOQIYAT DENA- jab dunya or Allah ki baat a jaee tu Allah ko pick kia jae. Jab dunya ka pressure hoo tu dekhoo k Allah ko khush kerna hai ya Allah ko.
5-ALLAH KI SIFAAT P GOR KERNA– Insan ki fitrat hai k jab ussay kisi ki achiaan pata chal jaeen tu automatically woh banda acha lagnay lagjata hai
7- DIL TOTTA HAI TU ALLAH KI MUHABBAT BARHTI HAi- “May totay hoay dil k qareeb hoon”
8- KHALWAT MAY ALLAH KO YAAD KERNA- Tahajud is like a blank cheque. When you are alone, you get to know YOU
9-BREAK AWAY SHACKLES AND HURDLES– Allah ki mohabbat panay k liay beach k her chezoo ko zindgi say nikalain. We don’t have two hearts k aik dunya ko day dain or aik deen ko dai dain. Allah won’t enter a heart which is already occupied.
10-TO SPEND TIME WITH ALLAH WALAY– Suhbat is must. Yeh sirrf kitabay parhnay say nahi ati. You become what you spend time with.


I am a Stranger. You are a STRANGER.



You meet people and they have an effect on you, but their presence in your life proves to be temporary. But then again, everyone’s presence in your life is temporary. It’s just that you expect some people to hang around longer than they do, and disappointment comes with setting up expectations.

You begin to enjoy their presence, look forward to their company, and next thing you know, they’re gone. You relied on their presence for a certain emotion, and you associated that emotion with them. You lose that emotion when it’s gone, and that emotion was a large part of you.

They were a large part of you because they became part of who you were. That’s the problem, we rely on people when we shouldn’t. We get attached when we shouldn’t. We fancy their presence, whether they’re a friend or a lover, when we shouldn’t.

We should enjoy their company for the time being, but it’s deadly when you get used to someone. It becomes a tragedy when they leave, because you allowed them to become a part of you. And nothing is worse than seeing them leave, because you’re watching a part of you walk away. 

And the only thing you can do is start over with yourself. But this time, grow on your own. Don’t rely on anyone else because everyone has a temporary presence in your life. Nobody can assure you how long they’ll stay. Nobody knows when their time will come, or when duty calls and they’re gone. Because as Ibn Taymiyyah says “Even your shadow leaves you in darkness.”

And after it’s all said and done, we go back to being strangers.

Everyone changes, and you’re not the same person you were yesterday. I’m not the same person I was an hour ago. I’ll look back at this, and I’m not who I was, when I wrote this.

Even I will be a stranger to myself, somebody that I once knew and was well accustomed to being around. If I don’t keep up with you and you don’t keep up with me, then we no longer know one another.

And we become strangers. And who knows, we might have been meant to be strangers all along. And you might have been sent to guide me and then depart.

I am a Stranger and You are a Stranger. That is the reality of life.

-inspired by TheMuslimMatters

Step One.

Today I felt something.. Something grasping…holding me.. Giving me hopes.. “There is still a way out”.. “You can still do it”.. “Doors are open and you can come close”.. “Just struggle”.. “Bit more”.. “More than what you think you can tolerate because what you think of yourself, you have way more capacity than this”
Sometimes the “Satisfied feeling” gives me hope and sometimes a shiver. Afraid. Afraid of everything around. May Allah gives me courage to walk on straight path. To be steadfast. May Allah give me toufeeq to do tawakkul on him when the dunya is trying to convince me to trust, rely and depend on it.
O Allah! change me.

Punching Bag!

Sometimes all you need is a punching bag because you know you can’t directly punch their face out. Imaginary things sometimes give you the same pleasure with less effort and not to forget less sins.

You can never predict anyone behavior. Be it your parent or your friends or your siblings. When you can deceive yourself how can you expect someone else to do things that you expect. Life is unpredictable so are the people. Everything can come back to you. Everything is mend-able but you can’t mend broken-trust.

There is a quote I would love to share:
“If only our tongues were made up of glasses, how much more careful we would be when we speak.”


Think thousand times before sharing any word with anyone. No one can feel what you feel. Always remember no one can replace YOU. Be your own hero! Everyone in this Dunya is here to ruin your life in some way or other.

Believe in Allah and support that person who truly Believes in Allah. No doubt your company makes who you are.



Everyone is indulged in their problems whether financial, mental or physical. It depends on a person how he deals with it. Problems are part of life. They are like colors which give life to your life and fear is like topping on it. Up and Down is like roller coaster ride. Its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Just imagine a smooth life without any hurdles. Won’t you get bored?

Take an example of driving a car. You might find slow driving enjoyable at times but other time you want to drive fast. You want to take risks, have race or you might welcome dangerous overtakings. That is exactly what life is about. Taking risks! Welcoming danger!

Make your life challenging. Challenge yourself. Make sure you do best in every part of life. Make sure you offer whatever is in your reach. Fear factor always remain in person’s life. We need to know how to manage them. Failure doesn’t mean end of the world. It means you have courage to face every situation. It means you have tasted every flavor.

Whenever you feel incompetent, Just give yourself time and think what the possibilities are if you do it?

–          People will insult you? Let them do. They love barking. It doesn’t mean you become bone for them.

–          You will fail? So what?? Its your failure.. You have to suffer. No one will give damn about it.

JUST DO IT. Have faith in Allah and start it. Take a step. Everything is within your reach. This world has to end after all. Give damn about what other thinks.

A well-known author said

Its Not about how hard you’re hit but,

How hard you get hit and and keep moving forward

How much you can take and keep moving forward

That’s how winning is done