Car or Chinchi?

I was just wondering what is best for me? Travelling in car or in chingchi. Like I will face risk in both the situations. My family will be with me both the times. The difference would be that if I hit by some accident, I will be killer of my family and if we will be in chinchi or rickshaw, the driver will be responsible. But then if I analyze it more then there is less chances of death in car accident as it is covered and chinchi and rickshaw is not covered. But then if I hit my car and we don’t die then we will have to pay for it. Dad will also scold and he won’t trust me with driving. What should I do?

Sometimes life feels so messed up. If we gather small small things and analyze them, we will feel that everything is like a spider-web; connected to each other.  Every solution is connected to million problems and vice versa.

Sometimes I don’t understand myself. I think so negative at times. What would have happened if I wouldn’t have discussed about death in first paragraph? But it seems the word “death” is attached to my every sentence now and then. Is it because I am not afraid or I am very much afraid inside or I am getting too practical now. Death is something which no one can do anything about. We should be prepared at every time. So why should I feel shame saying “If I have to die, I will die infront of you and you won’t be able to do anything”. Yeh! Thats right! Accept  the fact!

Well today was the second time, I had accident. When you do something, you have to experience it. You have to face the world and you have to face all consequences. I don’t care about myself as compare to I care about car and family. When I am driving, I am responsible. But what can I do about those who don’t accept their mistake. They hit my car and put blame on me. Like fine! I don’t give  a damn who you think the fault is. I want money of the destruction you made to my car. Then you come being all “chowra” because you have luxury car Heliex. But you don’t have eyes to see? and most importantly YOU ARE DRUNK!! Bloody Drunker!

I dun know how many more experiences life has for me to tackle. Then people say I am transforming into boy. *Clapping*

Come and live my life please!


Darul Sukoon- The home of hope!

Out of many small wishes, one of my wish was to spend time with the orphans, old and with the disable people. Recently I got a chance to fulfill my wish and I visited Darul Sukoon as a photographer of a small event with a team of YLC who promised to spread smiles and happiness with them. There reside children and some old age people who are mentally and physically disable.

The team members played with them, danced with them, sang with them, listened to their small adorable wishes and gave gifts and goodies. All the people of Darul Sukoon were amazing, the way they care for each other and the way they protect each other was worth noticing.

When speaking to a person of management, she told me that parents of these children leave them here when they realize that they are disabled. She told that they give reasons that they don’t have enough money to bring them up but they lie to hide the truth. When I asked if these children miss their parents, she smiled and said these children are now our own children. We know them and they only know us. This is their home. They don’t know that the word “parents” exist but they know that “love” exist and they live on this hope. A tear flicked down my cheek which a four year old boy wiped it off and proved the above statement right.

I went to explore the well maintained and decorated building and saw an employee feeding the boy whose feet were tied with the bed and his eyes were frightened. I asked why he was tied when he is in a cot with rods taller than the normal height. He said, “He is very hyper. Once he climbed it and went to take a hot boiling water bath. I reached on the spot else he wouldn’t be alive today”. The boy was continuously looking at me while I was talking to the employee. I smiled at him and said “Kioo bhaee kioo gaee ap?” <Why? Why you went there?> The boy looked, smiled and started telling me whole story in his own special language. The employee told he is very choosy person and once he choose and starts talking, he doesn’t stop. You can leave whenever you want. I smiled and keep listening to him because I felt there was a need there.

Altogether there were smiling, sad, frightened and the needy faces. All of them wanted only one thing that is a hand to hold, an ear to listen to them, a mouth to cherish their beauty and a heart to love them endlessly. They all were innocent. What was moving for us was the way these children looked up at us, the way they gave us thousand dollar smile, the way they played, danced and the excitement they had in their twinkling eyes while opening the presents and showing them off to their friends. They had the manners which a normal person doesn’t have. They are taught to be hospitable and to be warming.

These children proved that though we are blessed with all the abilities yet we have made ourselves disables. We made our condition worst by ourselves. We do have the heart but of stone whereas these people have the heart of gold.

The team of YLC



Every mother is unique. For some people, she would be an irritating one, for some people, she would be a fool one. Everyone has his or her own story. My mom is unique too.. actually very unique. Today I have decided to gather my memories at one place so that whenever, wherever I read it, I can smile. So that I won’t ever regret it ever.

• SCENE 1:
<Wafa screaming from her room> MOM! May ap ki bête hoon?
<Mom screaming from her room> Jee ap hain!
wafa: pakki baat hai na? koi aur tu nahi hai?
mom: meray teen bachay or bhi hain
wafa: ammi ap nay mera dil tor dia
mom: ELFI say jor lo!
<silence from both sides>

• SCENE 2:
<wafa screaming> MOMMY! I LOOVVEE YOU!
mom: I love you too
wafa: ammi chichorapana band kareen aur parhnay dain!
OR In case mom said No I dun love you
wafa: ammi ap mujh say pyar nahi kertinnn…jaeen! Ab kabhi mujh say baat na karyee ga
mom: Naraz ho tu do rotian ziada khana

• SCENE 3:
When mom wakes me up extra early, she keeps staring at me, not knowing that when she stares, my sleep gets disturbed and I also lay still so that she wouldn’t know that I know she is staring. And in case, I change my position, she starts playing with my nose and hairs, commenting… “itni si naak hai..pata nahi kis p gaee hai.. baal tu dekhoo bomb phatta hoa hai…” and I screaming…” ammi yaar sonay tu dain na!” and when I actually wake up… I get up from bed go directly to mom and say “cheer lia ap nay? Khush hoogaeen bête ki nind kharab ker k?” and in return I see her tongue out.

• SCENE 4:

I was bored so I asked my mom: “Ammi dr. nidhi ka kia hoa?”
and ammi starts whole story and I just smiled because she forgot that I was teasing her and I hate dramas.
The next day when I was busy in preparing for my next exam, Mom came to my room and took me to her room and pointed towards the TV. and guess what? Dr. Nidhi was there!
Wafa: AMMMIIII!!!!! I was teasing you yesterdaayyyy!
Ammi: Oh acha!
Wafa: <laughs> mazak ka beragark kernay may MASTERS ki degree ammi k paas hai!

<Computer stucked> mom screaming..Wafa dekho is ko kia hoa?
Wafa: press Ctrl, Alt, Del…
Mom: okay! C ,T where is R?
wafa: AMMMMIIIIIII… see these are buttons jis may sab likha hai
Mom:<laughing> yeh aj kal k angrez bhi na
Wafa: ap k zamanay k angrez kaisa computer banatay thay??
mom: acha chuP!

• SCENE 6:
<Lunch on table> Mom: pata nahi meray betay nay khaya hooga ya nahi
Wafa: amma he is no Bechara! Kuch na kuch ker lain gay! Ap tu kha lain
mom: tumhain kia pata kaise bechaini hoti hai… jab amma banoogi tu pata chalay ga
<wafa thinking and whispering> shadi tu honay dain
<mom in shock> WHAAAT?
Wafa: I didn’t say anything….

• SCENE 7:
<On skype>Mom: or sunaoo beta kaisee ho
Wafa: theak thak ap batain?
<stories start> after one hour…
Mom: mere choro tum bataoo kia ker rahi thi?
Wafa: Amma filhal ap ki batain sun rahi hoo aik ghantay say!

• SCENE 8:
Awkward moment when you see your mom in school because the previous day you were crying at home and mom asked the reason and you told her its related to school.<I know I was kid.. but I didn’t know my mom was also kid>

• SCENE 9:
The awkward moment when I Record “Ammi uth jaeen..buhat so lia ap nay” in cellphone, keeping it on repeat mode. Carefully place it beside mom’s pillow. Play it and hide under the bed. And mom actually thinks this is me who is saying again and again. After waking up it was me, ammi and her pillow beating me!

• SCENE 10:
I:Mom we will go out for lunch today
Mom: Fine.. 6pm is your deadline. You have to be at home before it.
I: yes mommmyyy!
<sharp 6pm> <mobile ringing…MOMMY CALLING…>
I: shit! Gari bhaggaaooo! Ammi callinnggg
<picks up call>
I: Yes mom coming coming… rastay may hoo!
<after 15 min> <knock knock>
Mom <seeing watch which is already 15 min ahead>: time dekha hai? U r half an hour LATE!
I: traffic buhat tha.. SACHI!
and then tolerates the silent treatment rest of the day!

• SCENE 11:
<Mom tensed>
Wafa: aray ammi chorain.. dafa kareen… CHILL MARAIN CHILL!
<After that day whenever I am quite or tensed>
Mom: chup kioo hoo?? CHILL MARO CHILL! CHILL!

• SCENE 12:
When everyone was asleep and I was up because of cough.. She rubbed my back to give me comfort though she was herself half asleep!

  • SCENE 13:

Brought a cup of ILAICHI tea from uni buhaaat pyaarr say.. girti pirti..buhat mushkil say…
Wafa: Ammi may sirf ap k liay lai k aee hun
Ammi: Khanay k waqt chai kioo lai hoo
Wafa: Ammi ghalti say pyar a rha tha
Ammi: after seeing colour…doodh kam lag raha hai
after aking sip…. lo g.. issay achi tu may bana loon

*Kill me* 😀

Scene 13:
Hugging mom in middle of night so that she couldn’t know how much I love her. In return she hugs me back and then I have to escape replacing pillow at my place. And the other day we both pretend as if we don’t know what happened.

Mom sacrificed her whole life and still sacrificing her life taking care of her husband and children. Mom wants to be in both countries at the same time to take our care is MY best and MY unique mom. I wonder what I would do without you. LOVE U! : )

And the journey begins…

Certain journey in life becomes a part of our permanent memory. It is not necessary that a journey must be marked with some specific incident for it to become a soothing memory for the coming years. Sometimes, simple time that you spend with your family becomes such a part. Sometimes, simple smiles make your journey unforgettable. A similar type of story I experienced couple of weeks ago.

We were quite sleepy when we left our home. We passed the city watching “Calm city” which we knew will be soon going to be called “Busy City”. It was early morning and sun had not risen. Soon, we were on Karachi highway, maintaining average speed, preparing ourselves for the long journey which we had to go through.

While seeing off the city of lights, I watched every movement of the Round-Shape Allah’s creation which changed its color from mild orange to bright yellow. The Sun looked really soothing in that early morning time. Clouds were spread across the sky in such a way as if someone had intentionally arranged them to make it picturesque. The mild sunlight of rising sun coming behind the clouds, the flock of birds dancing and singing above sky and the sun itself intensified the splendor of beautiful morning.

Due to the changing weather and the early morning time of the day, dew and fog could easily be noticed. As we proceed towards Hyderabad, there were times when we were unable to see the road in front us. It felt like an unsolved mystery in which every step you take unaware of what will come to you. Every little advancement was full of enthusiasm. There was a specific excitement which was moving us ahead. Some people preferred to stop at side, but we still chose to move slowly in such a low visibility. Surely, there was no competition in being ahead, but to conquer this mystery and to glorify the nature before everyone else.

A couple of time passed in such a way, when the intensified sunlight knocked my eyes, informing me that sun had risen significantly. I watched upward through the window; the sun was all set. And the smooth journey was already in run…