I stand.. BREATHING!!


In the midst of the unending blue sea,

Surrounded by the chirping birds and waving trees,

Beside the roaring waves and the mesmerizing sun

I stand here with arms wide open,

inhaling the fresh wind

I stand here;eyes closed.

Listening the beat of sea wave,

feeling the touch of rain drops

as they are meant for me

Praising the Mother Nature, for what we have and what will be

I stand here far from the worries; I stand here letting it go

Leaving all matters undertow,

I feel like I am a newborn

The wind touches my skin,

like a mother kissing her newborn

Alive is the word that comes into my mind,

alive I am after this long stride

I stand with my arms open,

I stand…



Misty Thoughts…

Water had some weird attraction. As I headed towards the water, it felt like rising and intensifying towards the eye of a storm; where there was a specific silence and a sudden calm after which there was a deafening roar which could have shown anyone; the glimpses of death.

I walk seemingly dazed, confused and numb, my eyes staring into the distance, focused on nothing in particular but endless sea. People walked out past me in a haze as my feet carry me forward without the need for direction. My mind knew the place very well. I felt some feeling that cannot be described in terms of happiness or pleasure. It was something odd. Something unexplainable.

I stepped on wet even sand, a quiver of joy spread across my body. One more step forward and I was standing in shallow water which was touching my feet, caressing them, asking to come forward. At one hand blustery weather was pushing me back on the other hand water was inviting me forward. It was a war between wind and waves.

Violent strong wave grabbed me, snatching sand from underneath my foot and dragged me forward; leaving the marks of waves all over the sand. I instantly recalled those times when life had dragged me into troubles leaving the scars behind. The time when my world stood still.

I stepped back and composed myself again but I noticed that as I held my foot up, sand took its place and when the foot rested on ground; it made its place again. Similarly in life, when you free your mind from worries, you get to know that problem could have been easily tackled.

I decided to step forward without looking back. I decided not to be afraid of harsh violent waves and as I decided it, I found a new world. I found that obstacles were only at the starting, once I conquered them; other problems just seemed like little ants that bites, gives little sting like someone pinches but pain is not for long. It vanished!  

I finally find myself in that state; ready to accept the truth that I’ve been avoiding the nature of life; the obstacles of my life. That this is it, this is all there is to it. I found the pleasure to take risk.