Is it too much?

My kid is not well these days, so lots of things are going on in my life. But today, it was too much. Not physically but mentally I am very tired and Alhamdullilah some how fawaaz slept early today so I can have some peace of mind.

While making fawaaz sleep, I was thinking why am I mentally so messed up right now. Where am I going wrong. And then I realized maybe I am doing too much. My closed ones usually use this sentence “you are doing too much” but I always shrugged this thought thinking I am free (fareg) whole day how is this possible.

But now I realize that though I maybe physically fareg the whole day but my mind is messed up about those things I have made myself responsible of, knowing the fact that fawaaz itself is 24hours responsibility. Kheir. May Allah Taala ease everyones matters because everyone is fighting their own battles.

This life is not for luxuries. Asal party tu Janaat may hoogi. Abhi tu bas aewe thoray mazay hein. Yahan tu bus mehnat kerni hai. Asal mazAy tu jannat k hungay inshaAllah.

I have my pApers from next week but I shouldn’t panic because asal imtehan tu woh hai jis may hum reh rahay hein. Yeh zindgi. Asal imtehan tu fawaaz hai. Us ki perwarish. Us ki tarbiyat. Allah Taala hum sab ko toufeeq dein k hum apnay saray faraiz alaa tarah say puray kerain. Ameen


Forgive & Forget

Okay so yesterday I was listening a talk about “ forgiving others” and to be honest I was in awe. It seems easy to say but it is no doubt a task. Just imagine how our beautiful Nabi SAW would have felt when the Quraish treated him with stones and also when our pyaray Nabi SAW had the sword in his hand and he could have cut the throat of the person who was on verge of killing him few seconds ago, still AP (SAW) let him ago. He forgave him. Like how amazing. Imagine yourself in this situation and think about it. Would you let that person go who was going to kill you? No! Never!

Ajeeb shan hai pyaray Nabi (SAW) ki. You know what! This is why Allah Taala sent HAzrat Muhammad (SAW) so that he can be the LIVE example for us. So that we ,baigairat log, cannot get chance to say that ‘oh you know! This is not practically possible’ Allah Taala sent him to show us that it is practically possible. But what you have to do?

Crush your nafs

Crush your ego

Give importance to the being who created you

Once you have these, once you get hang of these things. Your purpose of life will not be yours. You will know that this is temporary. This life is temporary. This is going to end. These fights, these tantrums, everything will end. Nothing will remain forever. He has to die. You have to die. What remains is how you lived that moment. What remains is how you treated others at that moment. Your Aemaal remains. Everything finishes.

So when we aim for akhirah. When we aim for Jannah, then all these things are just temporary. They should not make us sad, angry, depressed.

Forgive and forget. Not for yourself. But for Allah. And in return , Allah Taala will give you peace you cannot even imagine.

May Allah Taala give all of us toufeeq to take out all the Bughz we have in our hearts for others. May Allah give us toufeeq to forgive and forget. May Allah also give others toufeeq to forgive us. Ameen

Life after kid

Okay the reason Of this post is because now I have become allergic to tea. Yes! I am the same woman who used to drink chai anywhere and anytime. I had a cup of tea today and now I cannot sleep.

Hence this faragat and so this post.

Okay so today I am going to put some light on differences between life before kid and life after kid.

1- Before kid, THIS IS MY LIFE.

after kid, <lol>^

2- Before kid, I AM MATURE

after kid, <lol>^

3- Before kid, I am introvert/extrovert

After kid, <lol>^

4- Before kid, I DON’T CARE

After kid, <lol>^


After kid, <lol>^

potty saaf kerdo bachay ki pehlay pher batain kerna 🤣🤣🤣

P.s this is not only for women but also for men. The responsibilities changes. You change. Everything change.

Alhamdullilah for everything though.



Bhool gaee hein jo hamain, yaad atay tu hein….

Yaadein… yaad ati hein…

Maloom hota hai bhool gaee hoo shayad..

Ya pher kamal ka sabr rakhtay ho


Nafs p kahan qaboo hai,

Dil baichain gunahgar hai

Uchlta hai, betaab hai

Na samjh hai, baigana hai

Aik chamat lagao sahi hojaeega

Demag kharab hai. Awara hai. 🤣🤣🤣

I am too high right now !!


From my college/school days I have been listening to the words “Be mature” “you are not mature” etc. and at that time too these words used to put me off. Why? Because I was not old but I had responsibilities at that time too. I was kid but I had sense of responsibility. 

Now today when I am actually old and when I see people around, I ask myself is this what maturity is? Is diplomacy maturity? Is being two faced is maturity? Is saying lie; maturity? Is showing off; maturity? If this is maturity, then I don’t want to be mature. 

I don’t want to have an “art of taking everyone along” . I am good to be known as “You are kid, you don’t know anything”