I don’t know if this is the matter with me or with everyone else. I usually feel useless. I feel that I have just wasted my whole life and I am going to do the same in my future. I feel hopeless and incompetent. I want to do something new but I see so many unsaid challenges in front me.

Why can’t one go for what HE desires? Why we have to look for the society no matter how much we avoid? Why can’t we choose the right path knowing that we are wrong? Why it hurt us? Why our ego come between us? 

I don’t understand what am I doing with my life or what I am going to do or what I have done. I feel standing like a blank idiot. Everyone has an ULTIMATE purpose of life for which they plan their life accordingly and act accordingly. What is the purpose of what I am doing? Okay, If i say I know my purpose. So now what is the plan? How should I plan. What should I do. Who will let me do? 

I know it is pure ala kisam ki baqwasiat. You won’t understand. Thank you.




Everyone is indulged in their problems whether financial, mental or physical. It depends on a person how he deals with it. Problems are part of life. They are like colors which give life to your life and fear is like topping on it. Up and Down is like roller coaster ride. Its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Just imagine a smooth life without any hurdles. Won’t you get bored?

Take an example of driving a car. You might find slow driving enjoyable at times but other time you want to drive fast. You want to take risks, have race or you might welcome dangerous overtakings. That is exactly what life is about. Taking risks! Welcoming danger!

Make your life challenging. Challenge yourself. Make sure you do best in every part of life. Make sure you offer whatever is in your reach. Fear factor always remain in person’s life. We need to know how to manage them. Failure doesn’t mean end of the world. It means you have courage to face every situation. It means you have tasted every flavor.

Whenever you feel incompetent, Just give yourself time and think what the possibilities are if you do it?

–          People will insult you? Let them do. They love barking. It doesn’t mean you become bone for them.

–          You will fail? So what?? Its your failure.. You have to suffer. No one will give damn about it.

JUST DO IT. Have faith in Allah and start it. Take a step. Everything is within your reach. This world has to end after all. Give damn about what other thinks.

A well-known author said

Its Not about how hard you’re hit but,

How hard you get hit and and keep moving forward

How much you can take and keep moving forward

That’s how winning is done

Phases of Life!


What is life? Confusion? Commitment? Competition? Risk? Determination? Complicated? Decision? Wild? Beautiful? Mysterious? or A puzzle?

Life has many phases. Sometimes it acts as a wind; fast, sometimes slow and other times it doesn’t even let us feel its presence when in reality it is never absent. Sometimes life mocks sea, at times the waves of sea are wild and sometimes they are smooth.

Life comes when the sun rises with the sound of chirping birds and rests when the sun sets with the worries along it.  Life is a complete drama and we are one of its actors. The whole journey depends upon the life we expect to have, the circumstances we perceive and on the choices we make. Life is about taking risk, exploring and experiencing yourself. When it becomes certain that life is full of hurdles and obstacles that’s the time when real life test starts; when you have to face these obstacles with the open heart, when you go through them bravely and conquer them with strong mind.


Life is full of options, choices and decisions. We all choose paths to spend our lives. If you have chosen a path which doesn’t suit you or which was taken for reasons that no longer exist, you should make a change. No one is locked into any path and being willing to make a change takes more courage than staying at the same track. Believe in yourself and the messages you hear whispered from your soul and make whatever changes you think are necessary to put you on the path towards happiness. Remember, situations and circumstances change and no one should feel locked into any path. Life is a journey full of twists and turns and YOU are the only one who can change where you are heading. Be strong and have faith that you will end up where you are meant to be.

Take out some time to breathe the fragrance of life not the stench of worries. Life bombards you with a multitude of situations which can overwhelm you if you give into the emotions. Take time to breathe and quiet your fears. Today may be difficult but the sun will rise again tomorrow giving you renewed strength to fight again.

Wait! And this time will pass soon.

Life and its diplomacy!

“The reality of life is that your perceptions — right or wrong — influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place”

Birkman, Roger

If you are able to read it, it means you live a luxurious life because of having a computer to use and to have internet to read this article. There is always a day when your life shows you the practical side. You never get to know the hardships your parents faced in bringing you up until and unless you go through that process and the stage.

These are some of those days in which I am realizing, absorbing and digesting some of the hard realities of life. The biggest reality of life which I always denied, the reality that money is an important element of life to remain happy. The reality that you can’t get a job with a handsome salary after spending thousands on your education.

I have now come out of my books and learnt the real meaning of inflation and its impact on low class people and most importantly the differentiation of classes. I always had misconception that after spending around 3 lac in some private university will get you a job of at least 50k but it was just my figment of imagination. Life is not easy nor the method of acquiring money.

The reality of a common middle man is to work 9 to 5pm like a donkey and still pray not to have shortage of money at the end of the month. He cuts down his budget to nurture his children. He buries his own needs somewhere deep hidden from everyone while the short and easy definition of low class category is they live hand to mouth. No saving, No change in lifestyle, and a life no one would ever want to live.

When you get out of your home to explore the world, you will get to know that life is not a piece of cake. You can’t have everything as soon as you ask for. If you are able to do anything with your father’s references, you don’t need to be proud of it because it’s not you; it’s your father who should be given a credit. You are just a piece of shit without them. Get out of this glittery world and taste the harsh side of the world. The Real side!

Life is just a diplomatic game. Be a Politician and win it!

Everything ends!

Everyone has some unanswered questions, some haunted memories, some philosophical theories and some pleasure memories. We all want to know, to be knowledgeable, to be competitive, to travel, to experience the world, to indulge in pleasures, to smile into the sunlight, to feel the air, to feel the touch and to pause everything. We yearn to slow down the moments to feel them. We crave to adore them. The splash of water in a river, the wind that blew hair away, when the heart skip a beat are moments we desire to take in and store them in ourselves, to sleave our webbed minds. Those minds that are preoccupied by our own deeds.

We enjoyed life in cradle, free of worries, full of pleasure. Grew up, mistakes are made, people are vanished, and friends are lost. Tears flickered in eyes, hid behind the lid, drowned in the darkness, run through the stained face. We lose the importance of things, become materialistic. We act like robots; feeling less. We aim and we aimed.We achieved and yet aimed again. We lost and got shattered. Unaware of the reasons. Rest got lost somewhere in the middle of the journey unaware of what happened to themselves.

These unanswered questions fade with the day. These reasons leave us bare minded. These memories leave us before we get chance to adore them. They all die off too soon. They die before we expect them to. They die like the way we do. Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere!