Delusions vs. BITTER reality


“The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.”  -Bryant H. McGill

I was having a discussion with my friend discussing that people whether near or far from you don’t make any difference. This is because at the time of need, no one comes to rescue you. It is you who has to step up and do it while others keep trying to tow you down with their lip exercise known as “hawai firing” in our “desi zuban”. So what is the difference between a person who is sitting 10 miles away or 1000 miles away from you?  There is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage of that person. Now the question that would blow you out of the water would be “Do you mean we make friends or socialize for the sake of ADVANTAGES or DISADVANTAGES” Well, the bitter truth is “Yes” because no one is a saint. “Don’t you think you are being too negative?” If you see this as negativity then take it in as it is because it is a fact that is hard to indulge and the truth is always hard to endure. People usually say “negativity” or “extremism” to those thoughts which are difficult for them to admit. “Oh My GOD! How selfish can you get?!” Yes I am. Try to understand this!

Ask yourself some questions. What do you seek within a person? A personality? Looks? Nature? Attitude?  Will you go to a person that might not necessarily fit your physical standards in terms of attire or facial features for that matter? Or will you go to a person only based on your standards and your “version” of a decently suited individual with a well-organized impression. Well, just basically a dummy you could brag about.

If you have chosen the second one, which I know you have, then you have chosen security and a person with similar nature. This simply means that you already chose “your-type-of-advantages” in the very first step. When you realize that this person is not “my-type”, you will search for someone else until you will know that the person who was not initially my version of a friend turns out to be the person who will be there when the need arises.

Take another example, a friend asked you to do some work URGENTLY. You sacrificed so many things and did that one thing for your friend. The next time when you needed help and you asked that same friend. You were refused in response. What will be your reaction? The first response? The first click? “I did that for him, and he can’t return the favor?” These were very small examples to explain my point. It is human nature to pursue what is best for his/her own interest.

If a person is not seeking benefits then there wouldn’t be any clashes. No person would be leaving another for the reason of “being bored”, “nature difference”, or lame excuses such as “some complications”. It is human nature to exercise “tit for tat” and “give to get” principle. No matter how much you try to deny this. You’ll always end up expecting something tiny deep within the tiny place of your heart.

When a person becomes honest with himself and realizes this fact. When he starts realizing that no one can come to rescue them when they are stuck with their car middle of nowhere, when they have been in a fight with some BIG people and friends are afraid to interfere because they know it will be their life and death issue then, when he has to do something URGENT and last but not least when the time of death reaches. He then starts turning towards Allah. He knows that He is the Creator. He knows what HE has planned everything for him. Then the person asks Him knowing that if HE has created this problem for him then Allah must have planned its SOLUTION too.

The person own conscience differs and says “I know what your reality is, people don’t know your reality that is why they praise and like you.” Our conscience is that part of us that can never lie, you can’t bribe your own heart to lie about you. It is the most true, most sincere witness to who we really are. “

– Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmad.


Phases of Life!


What is life? Confusion? Commitment? Competition? Risk? Determination? Complicated? Decision? Wild? Beautiful? Mysterious? or A puzzle?

Life has many phases. Sometimes it acts as a wind; fast, sometimes slow and other times it doesn’t even let us feel its presence when in reality it is never absent. Sometimes life mocks sea, at times the waves of sea are wild and sometimes they are smooth.

Life comes when the sun rises with the sound of chirping birds and rests when the sun sets with the worries along it.  Life is a complete drama and we are one of its actors. The whole journey depends upon the life we expect to have, the circumstances we perceive and on the choices we make. Life is about taking risk, exploring and experiencing yourself. When it becomes certain that life is full of hurdles and obstacles that’s the time when real life test starts; when you have to face these obstacles with the open heart, when you go through them bravely and conquer them with strong mind.


Life is full of options, choices and decisions. We all choose paths to spend our lives. If you have chosen a path which doesn’t suit you or which was taken for reasons that no longer exist, you should make a change. No one is locked into any path and being willing to make a change takes more courage than staying at the same track. Believe in yourself and the messages you hear whispered from your soul and make whatever changes you think are necessary to put you on the path towards happiness. Remember, situations and circumstances change and no one should feel locked into any path. Life is a journey full of twists and turns and YOU are the only one who can change where you are heading. Be strong and have faith that you will end up where you are meant to be.

Take out some time to breathe the fragrance of life not the stench of worries. Life bombards you with a multitude of situations which can overwhelm you if you give into the emotions. Take time to breathe and quiet your fears. Today may be difficult but the sun will rise again tomorrow giving you renewed strength to fight again.

Wait! And this time will pass soon.