Rescue me Allah

Allah Taala I was asking you for answers and here I go. Alhamdullilah for still holding me despite of my sins. Don’t leave me Allah. You are mine. Be my best friend please Allah. I want to love you immensely. The way your close ones love you Allah jee. Don’t leave me Alone for even a blink of eye because I know I am going to be astray then.

Rescue me Allah.


Empty space

We all look for happiness and peace without knowing that it is within us. We own them. We can have them. We are just ignoring them. We look on our problems, tensions, responsibilities more than our peace, contentment, and saneness.

Today, try to focus on your positivities. Focus on the blessings you are surrounded with. Try to forget the negativities. This is what I am doing these days and Alhamdullilah with the toufeeq of Allah now I can feel my happiness behind Fawaaz laughter, geeli pappi and his reactions. The sukoon after having him small hands around my neck; getting long hugs from him.

The sukoon my husband gives me by holding my hand. Consoling me that this time will pass. Ensuring me to be with me in every up and down. MashaAllah Alhamdullilah.

Throw out your own negativities. Throw out people you don’t deserve. Those who want to stick, will stick anyhow. There will be no excuses. No blame games. No formalities. Stand up for yourself because you are precious and people who love you are precious for you.

Always remember, we think we have place in people’s life and once we will leave; there will be empty space. But no, nothing happens. Because there was no place in first place.

Secret Letter to Allah

Allah Taala ustaad g nay bola tha k ap say batain ki jaeen.

Allah Taala may buhat sad hun.. ya Allah.. buhaat ziada.. ya Allah dunya may dil para hoa hai. Ya Allah. Jaisay bachoo k cartoon may dil k do pieces hotay hein.. mujhay lagta hai k manay b crack kerdia apna dil ya Allah. Ap ki nafarmani ker k.. Aj shaitan jeet gaya Allah. I failed Allah. I failed. I failed struggling with myself Allah. I broke ya Allah. Sorry Allah.

I still remember the day jab beemari ka pata chala tha. I knew aj nahi tu kal marna hai. Mout yaad thi Allah. Mout k liay kaam kia tha Allah. Her dard mout yaad dilata tha ya Allah. Waqt bhi kia chez hai ya Allah. Kabhi sab bhula deta hai.. kabhi sab kuch yaad dila deta hai.. may bhool gae thi.. aj jab dobara ap nay thokar di tu yaad agaya Allah k ap k siwa koi nae.. Us mayat ki smell jo raat raat ko uth jagaati thi..woh bhi dobara taza hogae Allah.

Allah buhat gunahgar hun.

Allah. Sorry Allah.


Allah Taala ammi buhat yaad a rae hein. I wish i could tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her but.. agr may yeh do jumlay bolsakti tu kitni chezain asan hojatin..per adat say majboor hun

Allah Taala ammi nae hein, per ap tu hein na. Her jaga. Her lamha. Asani kerdein na. Kashif bhi aksar ammi bannay ki koshish kertay hein. Mujhsay itni dant khatay hein. Ap nay b chun k aesa shohar dia jo mujh jaisee ko bardasht ker lai… werna koi aur tu kab ka ….. kheir.. Allah I am not good mother Allah. Mere madad kerain na.

Ap tu sab jantay hein Allah.


my dear Allah Taala,Alhamdullilah I am recovering. Allah Taala ap ka shukr k ap nay itnay achay dost diay… ginti k dost hein lakin achay hein.

Aj Allah Taala sukoon mila. Ap ki tarf qadam barha k. Allah Taala peachay na hatnay dijyega. Apni rehmat ka saya hamesha rakhyega. Apni nigah say phirnay na dijyega. Ameen.


Wondering where sukoon lies?


ALA BIZIKRILLAHI TATMA INNUL QULOOB. (Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.)

(Qur’an 13: 28).

Shut up now and do the work which needs to be done.