1..2..3..SMILE! *CLICK*

How an ordinary man can become a gentleman just because of his way of dressing? How food can be tastier if it is garnished? There isn’t any difference in any of these things. All are still same but your perception has changed!

Photography is basically what “you” perceive from anything whether it is a book,chair or even a needle. You can perceive it in any way you want. A chair is an object to sit on; Some may see it as a helping material! And some who have some memories with it will perceive it their unique way.

When I was asked the reason why I persuaded photography as a hobby. I always answered “Because I want to do something that shows ME”. There is a magic in photography which draws me into it. I know I can’t write well. I know I can’t speak well! It is the way where I don’t have to explain but I can express nevertheless! Photography is not “only” a snap for me. It’s a thought, memory, story and most important MY VISION!

After every snap, a photographer gets a feeling which is hard to explain! There is a certain charm in it. You aren’t taking “your” snap; you are photographing a thing or a stranger but after taking a shot you feel so excited, so relieved! You have a feeling “YES! I CAPTURED IT!”

We all have different feelings and attitudes. Some of us have a transparent character, while others may be more difficult to “read”. The photography is an art to study people. This means watching for signals in person reactions, expressions, body language and so on, and then judging how best to have the subject’s character revealed for the camera. Agree or don’t agree everyone wants to be photographed because it shows that someone loves them, cares about them! Photography is a light, hope, love, care; in short it is the most positive feeling one can have.

“Life moves fast!” is the phrase we listened from our childhood. Here comes photograph! It has the ability to freeze the time, slows down life pace, relive your moment!

Photograph is a way to express your ideas, your emotions, and your thoughts that go beyond words. Photograph can capture the beauty which is hidden in every nook and corner of the universe. It is just about your vision to see it.

Summarizing it, Photography is my extension. It’s MY vision, MY hope, MY work, MY dream. Unless you have been through this process, it’s tough to understand. Those of you who have been through it, knows it is scary and exciting with some THRILL! It’s a roller coaster!


18 thoughts on “1..2..3..SMILE! *CLICK*

  1. i like the part “yes i captrd it ” its an amzng feel cse ive lvd it and cmng bak to u ur becmng ma fvrt bloger way to gal impresve..altho the wrd itslf an undrsttmnt of hw u r able to pen dwn ur emtns 🙂


  2. “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”


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